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Abs workout for women 30 days app is an effective training program for you to have a flat belly and a slender waist. Using Abs workout for women at home free you will lose weight in problem areas, as well as get toned abdominal muscles. Training program female fitness without equipment is created to help you to lose weight and to have flat belly in 30 days in the comfort of your own house.

Abs workout at Home
Training program lose weight in 30 days for girls consists of a 30-day training plan for each day. Each day the stomach and waist exercises will become more and more difficult. In this way, your body gets used to the stress from exercises gradually, step by step. That’s why our program lose belly weight in 30 days is good both for beginners and more trained people. Best abs workout for women at home will be as effective as training in the gym with a professional coach.
Female Fitness – Home Workout

Each abs exercise has an animated explanation for correct performing. Below the animation, you will find a text description of an exercise. Like that you can repeat all the exercises from the female fitness for beginners app as properly and with the right technique as possible.

Lose Weight in 30 Days for Women
Many girls dream about having a flat stomach and a slim waist. First, we will burn belly and side fat, because even if your abs are strong, it won’t be visible. Further on, the exercises will be more and more focused on making your abs toned and beautiful.

Advantages of the application:
– Possibility to choose the difficulty level: from beginner to pro.
– New exercises from workout to workout, so you don’t get bored.
– Gradual increase in workload
– A well-thought-out fitness plan for 30 days
– Animated and text descriptions of exercises so that you can do all of them correctly
– Workout takes place at home or wherever you want.
– Reminders – so you don’t miss the training.
– Warm up before a workout to prepare your body

Using the application, you can:
– lose weight and reduce stomach and sides fat.
– get a flat belly and a slim waist.
– have 6-pack.

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