Accused getaway driver involved in Hamzy murder granted bail

One of two brothers charged with the murder of underworld figure Mejid Hamzy prepares to be released from a Sydney prison after being released on bail.

Mohammed Omar, 44, is accused of hiding one of the getaway cars after Mejid Hamzy was shot dead outside his home in Condell Park last year.

He faces six charges, including dealing with the proceeds of crime and drug offenses, but his attorney David Dalton said there were no links to the deadly incident.

“I accept that there is some power in the case… there is some suggestion of involvement in the murder of Mejid Hamzy,” he said.

“[But] there are no charges associated with that case.”

A man poses for a photo
Mejid Hamzy was shot dead outside his home in Condell Park last year.

Omar’s brother Ezzedine, 38, is charged with the murder of Mejid Hamzy, the younger brother of infamous gang leader Bassam Hamzy.

Mohammed Omar’s DNA was found on the steering wheel and gear lever in the white BMW, which was captured on camera footage before and after the October attack, the court heard.

“Clearly there is a strong case against the accused…his DNA found in that vehicle was the subject of another criminal offence,” Dalton said.

The court heard that the car had been seized from a home on Stanley Street in Bankstown and that 184 grams of methylamphetamine was also found in a granny flat on the property.

NSW Police Officer Tom Sands argued in court that Mr Omar owned the property.

“Clearly there is a strong case against the accused for the manufacture and thus distribution of prohibited drugs,” said Sergeant Sands.

However, Magistrate Lisa Viney said there was no evidence to support that claim.

“There is nothing in the statement of fact linking the defendant to that property,” she said.

Man shot dead in Sydney's Condell Park
Emergency services attended to Hamzy, 44, at the scene of the shooting.(

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But Magistrate Viney said it could not be denied that Mohammed Omar had some involvement in the alleged murder of Mr Hamzy.

“The vehicle was stolen and it is clear that it was used in the murder of Mr Hamzy last year,” she said.

The court heard that Omar knew he was under police surveillance in the eight months prior to his arrest last week.

“During that time he has not been spotted by the police other than a traffic issue,” Magistrate Viney said.

“Looks like he’s always answered his bail in regards to previous cases.”

Appearing via video link from the Silverwater Jail, Mr Omar remained silent as he was released before Burwood Court this afternoon.

His bail terms include $2 million bail from his ex-partner, daily police report, surrender of his passport, and an agreement not to approach Bankstown’s property.

Police sources have told the ABC that both Ezzedine and Mohammed Omar are associates of the Alameddine family who are still embroiled in a long-standing feud with the Hamzy family.

The murder of Mejid Hamzy sparked a spate of shootings in Sydney, one of which was a bullet entering within inches of a nurse working at Auburn Hospital.

Mejid Hamzy’s cousin Bilal Hamzy was shot dead outside a Japanese restaurant in the city last month.

His killers are still on the run.

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