Australian politics live: Sydney on alert after two Covid cases, Labor defends gas industry

the spokesman for Labor resources, Madeleine King, launches a full defense of the Australian gas industry, including support for the opening of new reserves “subject to independent scientific assessments and effective environmental regulation”.

King will deliver a speech at the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association conference in Perth to advocate for gas jobs, gas exports, gas as “a vital raw material for the Australian manufacturing industry, as well as for electricity generation” and the opening of new reserves, such as the Beetaloo basin.

“It’s important that people are aware that the Beetaloo is a world-class low-carbon gas basin — containing about 3% carbon dioxide,” King told the conference Thursday.

She will tell oil and gas leaders the federal Labor leader, Anthony Albanian, will convene a shadow ministry in Port Hedland later this month, with the trip “an opportunity for many of my East Coast colleagues to see this incredible region for themselves and to listen to the concerns of the resource industry workers who contribute so much to our national wealth”.


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