‘Other masters’: Wilkinson’s brutal swipe at Premier on The Project

Lisa Wilkinson has taken another swipe at New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian after the state recorded 124 new cases of Covid-19, the highest number in the current outbreak, despite Sydney being locked up for a month.

Talk about The project from Sydney, where she is also incarcerated, Wilkinson told her co-hosts that Ms Berejiklian now probably “regrets being contemptuous of (Victorian Prime Minister) Dan Andrews and how he has handled things”.

She also speculated that Ms. Berejiklian had “other masters” whom she obeyed and who prevented her from making the lockdown even stricter.

NSW seems to be in a covid Groundhog Day. Over the past month, it has repeatedly recorded several days of cases below 100 before shooting into three digits again.

The state seems unable to reduce the number of people in the community while, most likely unknowingly, they were contagious.

Now the cases are seeping from the epicenter in Fairfield in the southwest of the city to surrounding local government areas.

Ms Berejiklian has warned that the worst is yet to come and that “cases will continue to rise”.

She urged people to avoid any non-essential contact with other people, even family members.

“It’s cruel how contagious it is. It is spreading like we have never seen before.”

But with all that in mind, and that Delta’s dangers were well known, the question lingered around the Prime Minister as to why the state didn’t shut down sooner.

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Wilkinson’s resentment at Berejiklian

On The project on Thursday Wilkinson went into town on Mrs. Berejiklian.

“Gladys has been telling us for days that there are all green shoots, but we have seen them wilt on the vine today as she predicted it would only get worse,” she told fellow hosts Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar.

“I wonder if she regrets being contemptuous of Dan Andrews and how he’s handled things.

“In New South Wales we look at Victoria and how quickly you went into lockdown and how tight the numbers remain and think ‘that’s what we should have done’.”

Bickmore said Victorians in lockdown five – as opposed to Greater Sydney’s lockdown two – were now used to “doing the right thing”.

She quoted Victorian authorities who visited 436 homes to check if people are isolating themselves, to find all of them indeed at home and to follow the rules.

“That is quite special. That everyone just goes, ‘I’ll do what I have to do’”.

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Berejiklian’s “Other Masters”

Later in the program, Wilkinson returned to NSW again, saying the “numbers were going in the wrong direction”.

The host stated that she “didn’t understand” why the state government was not introducing stricter rules and hinted that there could be political reasons for this.

“(Mrs Berejiklian) says she is following the health advice; a lot of people think that if that’s the health advice she’s followed from the beginning, the health advice is flawed or she has some other masters we don’t know about.

“Because there are plenty of people out there who would love to see some of these rules put in place so we can knock this thing on the head and get to the zero (cases) that she keeps saying is her goal.”

The tightened lockdown rules in Greater Sydney are similar to those in other states as there are only a limited number of reasons to leave the house, work from home where possible, schools are closed and all but “critical” shops are closed .

Where it differs is there is no Melbourne style curfew, the distance limit is 10km instead of five or even 2.5km like in South Australia, masks need not be worn outdoors except in busy areas and hardware – and office supply stores are allowed to remain open, as well as supermarkets, pharmacies, bottle shops and banks for walk-in customers.

In fact, NSW has been tougher than other states in some areas, including construction site closures.


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