Outrage at fake supermarket advice in Sydney lockdown

A fake message masquerading as an official NSW Health warning has spread misinformation that supermarkets in Sydney will close.

The fake warning, reportedly shared on the messaging platform WhatsApp, falsely claims that supermarkets will be closed next week.

A spokesperson for NSW Health confirmed the message was fake.

The fake message appears to be a fake from a NSW Health press release, using incorrect fonts and colors.

“In [Greater Sydney] Supermarkets will also be closed for 4 days from July 27, 2021.

Channel 10 journalist Antoinette Lattouf posted a warning about the fake alert on her Twitter account on Thursday, sparking concern from others.

“Probably the same mentality of these people who thought they put metal pins in fruit – and caused enormous paranoia and distress in people, along with enormous waste of products,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another said he was concerned about the spread of misinformation about various communities in western Sydney.

NSW residents are encouraged to verify any information they receive by going to the official NSW government website.

The Greater Sydney region is in its fourth week of lockdown as health officials fight to control the highly transmissible Delta strain of the virus.

The outbreak has now reached more than 1,600 community transmission cases, including 124 confirmed in the 24 hours to 8 p.m. on Wednesday from a record 85,000 tests.


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