‘Simple question’: PM grilled on Triple J

The prime minister has admitted he is “not happy” with the state of the coronavirus vaccination program amid a hard whim on the radio show Triple J Hack.

The confession came during a tense exchange with host Ange McCormack in which she frequently interrupted and repeated questions she wanted answers to.

Ms. McCormack asked Scott Morrison when young people could get the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus.

The Prime Minister began to reply: “I will say a few things about that, the first is that we are now being administered a million doses …”

But Mrs. McCormack immediately cut him off: “It’s a simple question, though, when can young people get vaccinated?”

Mr Morrison said: “Well, now they can get vaccinated with AstraZeneca right now…”

But Ms. McCormack interrupted again, saying the AstraZeneca vaccine was not the vaccine medical authorities are recommending to young people.

“I’m almost done answering the question,” Mr. Morrison replied.

“In September, it will then be designed for people under 40 to access Pfizer.

“But what I’m telling you is that the AstraZeneca vaccine is currently approved by the TGA to be available to people ages 18 and older.”

Later in the interview, Mr Morrison said he was “not happy with where we are now”.

“That’s why we’ve turned it around in recent months,” he said.

More to come.


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