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The Australian Digital Subscription + 6 Day Paper Delivery is billed for the first 12 months at $56 per 4 weeks. Min cost $728. At the end of the first 12 months, the subscription will automatically renew and will be charged $72 for approximately 4 weeks per week. No cancellations during the first 12 months. Renewals will occur unless canceled in accordance with the full Terms and Conditions. Any payment, once made, is non-refundable, subject to the law. A valid active email address and Australian mobile phone number are required to set up an account. Not in combination with other offers. Only new customers. Home delivery is not possible in all regions. Offer not available where additional freight is normally charged. It can take up to 5 days for home delivery to start (except for delivery within WA, which can take up to 10 days). Prices are subject to change after the initial subscription period in accordance with the full offer terms and conditions applicable see for full details.

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