Teenage girl hospitalised after being hit by flying rock, as scared residents say they are starting to ‘lose it’

Residents of a suburban street “being pelted by stones” say a teenage girl was sent to hospital after being hit on the head in the latest incident.

Tash Peterson, a resident of Wattlebird Drive in Burton, north of Adelaide, said that although police had deployed additional resources in the area, the stone-throwing has not abated.

She and other residents spoke to the ABC in early May, then said it had been going on for weeks.

“We are still getting pelted by rocks,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Spence Denny this morning.

“A lot of houses and cars are still damaged.

Ms Peterson said the young girl had gone out to move her car on Tuesday evening when one of the rocks hit her.

She said residents were beginning to get “really frustrated” with how unsafe the neighborhood had become.

“We’re all trying to stay calm,” she said.

“We’re starting to lose it.”

Burton resident Tash
Tash says her son is “petrified” and that the couple locks themselves inside at night.(

ABC news: Richard Davies


‘Attack area’, police say

Chief Inspector Guy Buckley, Chief Inspector of the Northern District, said they were “also very, very frustrated with this situation”.

“We feel the frustration and we’re working with the community,” he said.

“We’re talking to them down there regularly.

“And so far, we still haven’t been able to detect who is actually launching the rocks.”

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Teen treated for concussion as rock-throwers harass residents of Wattlebird Drive
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Chief Inspector Buckley said the news that someone had been hospitalized meant the matter had fallen into the assault category.

“We don’t know the motivation of the individual or individuals doing this,” he said.

Burton car
A car covered in tarpaulins on Burton Street.(

ABC news: Richard Davies


“In our view the behavior is significant, extreme and ridiculous, and I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve with what they’re doing.”

Though he couldn’t “talk about the exact tactics” officers had used, Chief Inspector Buckley admitted that what they’d tried so far hadn’t worked.

He said the officers’ work in the area was “ongoing” and they would continue to work with community members – with additional resources, including from other agencies, that are under investigation to resolve the issue.

“We will not give up until we have identified the individual or individuals, and they will be held accountable.”


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