5 hikers, including 3 children, spend ‘cold night’ in B.C. park after getting lost on hike

VANCOUVER – A group of hikers, including several children, were reported missing in Cypress Provincial Park on the North Shore of Metro Vancouver.

In a Facebook post on Monday, North Shore Rescue said five hikers, including three children, were missing.

In his post, North Shore Rescue asked hikers who were in the Whyte Lake, Baden Powell, Eagleridge Bluffs, Black Mountain, Cabin Lake, and Bowen Lookout areas to contact the police if they saw the group on Sunday.

Less than an hour after posting their news online, North Shore Rescue said the group had been found.

“They spent a cold night on Cypress and found their way this morning while search parties searched for them,” the post said.

The call to find the group was one of many North Shore Rescue received over the weekend. On Saturday alone, the organization responded to four calls for help, including a serious back injury when a hiker slipped and fell into a tree well.

The crews also received a call for an apparent avalanche that hit four people and one with a broken leg. But when they reached the mountain teams, they found that there had been no avalanche, but a small snow slide.

According to North Shore Rescue, the most common name for twisted ankles is what can often be prevented by wearing hiking boots with proper ankle support.

The organization is currently on track for another record year of rescue operations.

“British Columbia has an average of 1,700 search and rescue calls a year, and last year we had just over 2,000 search and rescue calls,” BC AdventureSmart executive director Sandra Riches told CTV News Vancouver over the weekend.

“We have to be responsible hikers.”

With files from Allison Hurst of CTV News Vancouver


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