Addis Residents Denounce Provocative Acts of TPLF, Show Solidarity to GERD,

Addis Ababa, July 22, 2021 (Walta) – The Residents of Addis Ababa City administration took to the street to denounce the provocative act of TPLF, show their support for member of Ethiopian Defense Force and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) .

TPLF is a group designated as terrorist by Ethiopian House of Peoples’ Representative recently.

The resident who gathered in mass at Mesqel Square holding slogans that denounce the terrorist group also showed their  support to the successful completion of the second filling of the GERD. They have intoned slogans about their joy over the successful completion of the second filling of the dam and vowed to support the completion of the project.

The rally goers acknowledged the members of the National Defense Force for the scarifies they are paying to safeguard the mother land. They also asserted their readiness to fight against the terrorist TPLF and vowed to fight their enables at home and abroad.

The demonstrators who gathered from all sub cities  of  Addis Ababa at the center of the metropolitan city are estimated to reach 1.5 million people.

The demonstrators were carrying slogans a number of slogan. Among the message echoed  in the slogans are ‘ We will stand against aggression on one hand and ensure the journey to prosperity on the other hand’, ‘We will complete the Grad Renaissance Dam the way we started it’, The National Defense Force is the vanguard of Ethiopia’s sovereignty,’ We stand by the Ethiopian National Defense Force’ ‘Hands off Ethiopia,’ ‘We stand in unison to defend Ethiopia against any aggression,’ ‘We strongly condemn any foreign interference in Ethiopia’s  internal affairs.”




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