Canadian Forces charges reservist who spoke at rally about ‘killer vaccine’

A military reservist was charged after allegedly asking soldiers to disobey instructions to distribute the “killer vaccine” for COVID-19 during a speech at an anti-lockdown rally in Toronto.

Officer cadet Ladislas Kenderesi is accused of “trying to persuade another person to mutiny” and “behaving scandalously without becoming an officer,” the military said.

Kenderesi, a member of the Reserve Cadet Instructor Cadre in Borden, Ontario, was indicted on May 12 by the National Investigation Service of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The military confirmed that the charges “were related to a December 5th rally in Toronto. An investigation was launched shortly thereafter and the individual’s uniform was retrieved in December 2020. “

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A GoFundMe page created on May 14th for his legal defense shows a video by Kendeseri asking for the results of an investigation launched by the Canadian Armed Forces in December.

The video also shows a man in military uniform with the Kenderesi nameplate stepping on stage and speaking into a microphone during a December 5 protest in Toronto’s Dundas Square.

After praising the crowd for telling the government that “freedom and tyranny do not rule Canadians,” he said the military is working with Ottawa to distribute a “killer vaccine” with unknown side effects.

“It is criminal for us to take the vaccine,” he said.

In a video posted online, Kenderesi said he has been under military investigation since December.


“I’m asking the military, the service, truck drivers, doctors, engineers, whatever you are, don’t accept this illegal order in the distribution of this vaccine,” he said.

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He added that it was his job to protect Canadians, including from the threats he described as domestic.

“I could get a lot of shit for this, but I don’t care,” he said.

Under Canadian military law, mutiny-related offenses carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, while the maximum sentence for scandalous behavior is five years.

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Kendeseri was in the Cadet Instructor Cadre, part of the administration and training service of the Cadet Organizations.

The training service is a sub-component of the Reserve Force and consists of officers and non-commissioned officers who “have taken on the security, supervision, administration and training of cadets or junior Canadian rangers as their primary responsibility.”

“The member was not currently active in a cadet corps / squadron and was therefore on the CISS list (Cadet Instructor Supplementary Staff) of the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central), which is located in CFB Borden,” said a military spokesman.

“In terms of rank, an officer cadet is a junior rank just ahead of that of a lieutenant.”

Kenderesi remains on the “ineffective strength” list of Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers pending the outcome of the May 12, 2021 indictment, the military said.

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