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The Ethiopian government said it was after nearly eight months of deadly conflict as Tigray fighters occupied the region’s capital and government soldiers withdrew in an area suffering hundreds of thousands of people in the world’s worst famine crisis. , Declared an immediate unilateral outage in the Tigray region on Monday.

A ceasefire could destabilize Africa’s second most populous country and calm the war threatening Ethiopia to do the same in the Horn of Africa, which has been regarded as a major western security ally. We are waiting for the results of the national elections promoted by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as the centerpiece of the reforms that won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

Since the outbreak of combat in Tigray in November, Abby’s transition from peace to war has surprised many observers. Since then, the world has had difficulty accessing much of the region and investigating growing allegations of atrocities such as gangbang and forced hunger. Thousands of people were killed in an area of ​​6 million people.

A statement from Ethiopia was delivered by state media shortly after the Tigray interim administration appointed by the federal government fled the provincial capital Mek’ele, calling for a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons and providing the urgent need for assistance. I did.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement that he had talked with the Prime Minister, “I hope there will be an effective halt to hostilities.”

Meanwhile, the residents of Mek’ele supported the return of the Tigray army for the first time since then. Ethiopian troops occupied the city in late November And Abby declared victory. Tigray fighters were loyal to the former local ruling party, which had long ruled the Ethiopian government before resigning as the new prime minister, and undermined the declaration by waging guerrilla warfare in the rugged terrain of the region.

Retreating Ethiopian soldiers shoot students at Mek’ele University and kill them when Tigray troops occupy Mek’ele’s airport and other important locations and broadcast a message telling residents to stop celebrating and go home. A nurse at Ayder Hospital said he killed and injured three people. Anonymous for fear of retaliation.

The Tigrinya people say that even those who did not support the prewar ruler, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, were severely targeted because of suspected relationships with Tigray fighters. Ethiopia denied it.

However, in an interview aired last week, Abby recalls that aid to Tigray during the devastating 1980s famine in Ethiopia strengthened the Tigray fighter that eventually overthrew control. Surprised. Such a thing now “never happens,” he said.

Monday’s ceasefire declaration showed a new approach, at least for some time.

The ceasefire will allow farmers to reach their lands, operate without military movement, and engage with the remnants (of Tigray’s former ruling party) seeking peace, a statement from Ethiopia said. He added an effort to bring in a former Tigray leader. “To justice” continues.

Ethiopia said the ceasefire would continue until the end of Tigray’s important planting season. The end of the season is September. The government has ordered all federal and regional authorities to respect the ceasefire. This is important because authorities and combatants in the neighboring Amharic region have been accused of atrocities in western Tigray.

“The government is responsible for finding a political solution to the problem,” said Abraham Belay, the head of the interim government, calling for a ceasefire, adding that several elements within Tigray’s former ruling party are actively involved. Federal government.

There was no immediate comment from the Tigray fighter, which Ethiopia refused to negotiate. And there was no immediate comment from neighboring Eritrea, where soldiers were accused by the residents of Tigray for some of the worst atrocities in the war.

“If Abby has a real desire to find a political solution, he must first revoke the terrorist label on Tigray’s elected government,” said those killed in the war. Desta High Receracy Hagos, who leads the effort to edit the list, said. Abby also needed to order Eritrean soldiers to leave, he said.

Recently Tigray has seen some of the most fierce battles of conflict. International pressure on Ethiopia surged again last week after a military airstrike in a busy market killed more than 60 people after Doctors Without Borders said three employees had been killed in another incident.

In the turmoil on Monday, the United Nations Children’s Office said Ethiopian soldiers had entered Mek’ele’s office and dismantled satellite communications equipment. It said it violated the body’s immunity in the world. UNICEF warned last week that at least 33,000 severely malnourished children face an “imminent danger of death” without further assistance reaching the people of Tigray.

At the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland called for an emergency public meeting of the Security Council. The most powerful UN organization discussed Tigray in a closed room, but not in a public session. To hold a public meeting, we need the support of nine of the 15 council members.

Ethiopia Declares Immediate Ceasefire After Eight Months Conflict – NBC4 Washington

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