Hundreds of stolen items, including truck and trailer, recovered in southern Alberta

CALGARY – A group of three were charged in connection with a fraud and theft investigation involving multiple locations in southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan.

RCMP and the Lethbridge Police Service opened an investigation after multiple cases of fraud were reported between April 19 and June 8.

On June 23, authorities monitored a group of people believed to be involved in the operation. That afternoon, police stopped a vehicle that was being driven by one of the suspects on Highway 3 near Grassy Lake.

While one of the inmates was arrested for possession of stolen property, the other two suspects fled the scene in a truck with a closed trailer.

Officials say the trailer was abandoned in the middle of Highway 877 while the truck was later seen in the town of Foremost.

When police moved in to stop the truck, the suspects fled to a nearby coulee, where they later exited the vehicle.

“The RCMP Police Dog Service visited and located a man who was hiding in a nearby field. (RCMP Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Unit) members found the second man to walk in the town of Foremost. Both men were arrested without further incident, ”officials said.

Following the arrests, police confiscated a stolen 2020 Dodge 3500 Bighorn truck and a stolen license plate.

Prescription drugs, suspected gamma-hydroxybutirate (GHB), methamphetamine, and psilocybin (mushrooms) were also found and seized.

Police are also searching the contents of the attached trailer, which is believed to contain hundreds of stolen items.

Suspects, Mark Paul Boivin, 38, with no permanent address, Nathan Thomas Roscovich, 33, without a permanent address, and Denise Rae Larouche, 41, of Beaver County, Alta., Are jointly indicted:

  • Possession of stolen property over $ 5,000;

  • Possession of stolen property under $ 5,000;

  • Nine cases of fraud over $ 5,000 and;

  • Fraud under $ 5,000 on three occasions.

Police also say Boivin and Larouche are both facing two counts of property for human trafficking, while Boivin and Roscovich are collectively charged with running away from a peace officer and mischief under $ 5,000.

All three suspects face the following individual charges:


  • Possession of a controlled substance.


  • Possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trade;

  • Pronouncing a forged document and;

  • Operating a means of transport while prohibited.


  • Possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trading and;

  • Possessing a weapon that is dangerous to the public.

Larouche was released on $ 600 bail and is due to appear in Taber Provincial Court on August 10.

Boivin and Roscovich have been arrested and are due to appear before the Taber Provincial Court on August 10.

“The RCMP Southern Alberta Crime Reduction Unit (SACRU) would like to thank the RCMP departments of Taber and Bow Island for their support and the citizens of Foremost for the incredible assistance they gave RCMP members in their search for both of them. “

Officials say that once the investigation into the rest of the stolen property is completed, additional charges are likely to be brought.


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