On June 1, B.C.’s minimum wage will become one of the highest in Canada

On June 1, BC becomes the province with the highest minimum wage in Canada.

The minimum wage will increase to $ 15.20 per hour and the lower discriminatory minimum wage for liquor servers will end.

Liquor servers will also make $ 15.20 an hour.

That would be the highest provincial minimum wage, if not yet the highest in Canada. The Nunavut Territory has the highest minimum wage in Canada at $ 16 an hour.

In the past four years, BC’s general minimum wage has increased from $ 11.35 an hour to $ 15.20.

“About 80 (percent) of liquor operators are women and the low liquor wage is a clear example of the gender pay gap we are fighting to close,” Grace Lore, Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equality, said in a press release.

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“Most minimum wage earners are women, often racialized women, and newcomers who face barriers to accessing better paying jobs. We have to work towards wages that workers can actually live on rather than being held back by them. “

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BC liquor servers are to receive a salary increase on par with the general minimum wage increase

In addition, the minimum daily wage for camp leaders will be increased from $ 116.86 to $ 121.65; and the monthly minimum wage for caretakers increases to $ 912.28, plus $ 36.56 per suite for those managing nine to 60 residential suites and $ 3,107.42 for 61 or more suites.

“When this work began, BC had one of the lowest minimum wages in the country, but it was one of the most expensive places to live,” a provincial statement said. “BC now has the highest minimum wage of any province and from next year the minimum wage increases will be linked to inflation.”

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