Ontario’s stay-at-home order ends Wednesday. What happens before the reopening plan begins?

TORONTO – After two months, Ontario’s stay-at-home mandate officially expires on Wednesday.

However, the province will begin step 1 of its reopening plan on June 14th at the earliest.

So what happens between the end of the stay at home order and the start of Ontario’s reopening plan?

According to the government, the measures initially introduced as part of the nationwide “emergency brake” will remain in force during this period.

Here’s a look at what you can and can’t do as part of these measures:

Leaving home

As of June 3rd, it will no longer be illegal to leave your home for non-essential reasons. This is the first time since the stay-at-home regulation was implemented in April.

Social gatherings

Similar to the stay-at-home arrangement, residents can see their friends and family for up to five people outdoors.

Gatherings of more than five people are allowed if all members come from the same household.

Those living alone are free to gather with another household.

Indoor gatherings remain illegal.

Personal shopping

Capacity limits of 25 percent in supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores remain in place as part of the emergency braking measures. The non-essential retail trade remains taboo.

Personal care services

Those who long for a haircut or manicure have to wait further. Personal care services will remain prohibited until step 2 of the province’s reopening plan. Facial coverings and capacity limits apply at this time at locations that offer personal care services.

Indoor and outdoor dining

Restaurants and bars across the province must be closed at least until June 14th. In the meantime, these facilities will still only have to offer takeaway, drive-through, and delivery orders.

Sports and leisure facilities

With the exception of high-performance athletes, childcare, psychiatry and addiction support, social services and physiotherapy, indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities will remain closed.

Outdoor fitness classes, personal training and sports training with up to 10 people can be resumed in step 1.

Weddings and funerals

Weddings, funerals and other church services can still be attended by a maximum of 10 people, indoors or outdoors. Physical distance must be maintained and guests must wear a mask or face covering when they are within two meters of each other.

In other words, and as stated by the provincial government: “On June 3rd nothing changes except the order to stay at home.”

On Saturday, the province announced the extension of some orders under the Emergency Management and Disaster Prevention Act.

This extension includes a ban on recreational camping on public land, a ban on cross-provincial border crossings for leisure, continued redeployment of staff and patients between Ontario hospitals if necessary, and enforcement of COVID-19 measures until at least 16 June 2021.

With files from CTV News Toronto’s Abby Neufeld.


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