Man arrested for attacking vehicle on GIMPA – Fiesta Royale road

The smashed vehicle door glass. 

The smashed vehicle door glass. 

A man who attacked a vehicle on the GIMPA – Fiesta Royale road Friday afternoon has been arrested by the police.

He was arrested for what the police said was an attempted robbery.

He is said to have attacked the driver of a Nissan Pathfinder with registration number GE-8088-11 on the GIMPA- Fiesta Royale road.

The police are preparing a charge of attempted robbery and other charges against him.

The incident happened around 2:00pm on Friday [June 11, 2021]

The man was arrested when he threw a big stone at the vehicle, smashing its glass door but attempted to escape into a nearby bush.

The driver drew the attention of police officers on patrol on that stretch and the man was arrested.

He is in police custody pending due processes.

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