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The threat from COVID-19 remains.

An eerie darkness has spread across the country since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was identified in Australia on January 25 this year. Shortly thereafter, domestic borders were closed to all non-residents, non-essential services were closed, and we were all introduced to the term “social distancing”. The measures were taken quickly, which led to considerable volatility in the financial markets and the introduction of a number of government measures to stimulate the economy.

What most people are not aware of, however, is the quantum shift that has occurred with society’s approach to a pandemic.

Dr. John Fraser, professor in the Prince Charles Hospital Faculty of Medicine at the University of Queensland said: Investment magazine the dilemma faced by medical professionals in treating a new pandemic. Recognizing the information asymmetry inherent in investigating the virus on the ground, Fraser helped develop the Critical Care Consortium, a collaboration between 350 hospitals in 49 countries to collect, analyze, and understand COVID-19 patient data.

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In addition to mining the raw data, the consortium was able to reach agreements with Amazon and IBM to develop “Bruce”, a real-time medical technology device that aggregates patient information in the cloud. This data can then be cataloged and applied to cases that are new to treating physicians, but not unprecedented in other hospitals.

This clash of creative thinking, technology and collaboration could be invaluable in mitigating the effects of the mutated and evolved coronavirus. As recently as this week, Beijing entered a second phase of lockdown, with new cases increasing around the world every day and Victoria state seeing an increase in cases.

Given that no vaccine is currently available and may never be, our hopes are in the hands of the heroes who work behind the scenes and use live empirical data and treatments to enable a return to normal.

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