Emyria uniquely positioned to take the lead in future of medicine as it moves beyond clinics

(), formerly known as Emerald Clinics Limited, is uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in a reshaped healthcare industry that has changed forever with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital health tools, remote patient monitoring and real-world evidence () are firmly the future of medicine, and Emyria goes beyond its network of physical clinics.

The company takes a leading role in digitally connected and patient-centered healthcare that also generates high-quality clinical evidence where it matters most, in the real world.

COVID-19 role

The health technology and services company has also joined the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and, as program manager, has taken on the development of a national platform for clinical data and analysis (CDAP) of COVID-19 patient cases to collect clinical data by confirmed COVID-19 patients, from a variety of sources, in near real-time.

Rebranding in line with global ambitions

Emyria is emerging as a generation leader at RWE, working directly at the intersection between understanding and improving the overall patient experience and clinical outcomes for patients, while meeting the need for high quality clinical evidence to support the development of superior and Researchers, clinicians and regulators will advance novel treatments for patients.

Dr. Stewart Washer, Chairman of Emyria, said, “Emyria’s world-class technology systems are a powerful vehicle for us to capture, measure and translate RWE into meaningful and credible clinical insights.”

CEO Dr. Michael Winlo added, “Emerald Clinics has developed a trusted brand in Australia that resonates with clinicians and patients, but as our business evolved and we increased our exposure overseas, it became clear that renaming was the best way to go to help communicate the breadth of what we do and our global ambitions.

“Emyria speaks to our mission to use a variety of data to deliver personalized care beyond the physical confines of a clinic.”

Plans for the current year

In the 2020/21 financial year, Emyria will work to find its first corporate customers for Openly to further develop and test the technology.

The company will also investigate options for a general expansion of Emerald Clinics, including the establishment of a clinical service in the UK under its contract with Spectrum Biomedical UK in addition to its four clinics in Australia.

Emyria also plans to work with more groups and organizations interested in its increasingly valuable real world data to unlock multiple, growing revenue streams and invest in developing its own intellectual property from its data resources.

At its Emerald Clinics, the company remains committed to providing access to medical cannabis and other unregistered treatments to patients who have failed standard care.

With COVID-19, more appointments are made online, the health status of patients is tracked remotely and meaningful data is collected at several points of contact with our service.

It ended the June 2020 quarter with a record volume and the expansion of its RWE technology platform beyond cannabinoids.

Open platform

The company has signed new agreements to enhance its current data acquisition technology platform and support the launch of a new digital health and clinical monitoring service, Openly, formerly known as Sentinel Plus.

The company has entered into an agreement with the artificial intelligence provider,, to integrate its world-leading smartphone technology, which enables contactless vital signs to be recorded, into its RWE platform.

The expanded platform enables Emyria to include vital signs in addition to other clinical and symptom data already collected via its existing RWE platform.

This platform increases the depth of clinical evidence collected from patients and, if validated, could help corporations, universities, governments and other large populations to remotely review and monitor the health of their staff as communities reopen internationally .

Applying the artificial intelligence (AI) features also enables the surveillance system to learn and customize the screening and care path capabilities of the Openly system.

Emyria is targeting organizations in Australia and the US to implement Openly, where the transmission of COVID-19 continues to pose a safety and productivity challenge.

Vaccine study

In addition, the company was also hired by Linear Clinical Research to support the remote evaluation of more than 150 volunteer participants over a period of two years for a Phase 1 vaccine study on COVID-19.

Emyria has also entered into a professional services agreement with the Precision Recovery team at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York, one of the leading teaching and research hospitals in the United States, to support the further development of its Openly clinical service.

Under the agreement, Mt Sinai’s Precision Recovery team will provide remote monitoring and advisory services to aid in the development and deployment of the Openly clinical service worldwide in exchange for access to the Openly app and a payment for each Mt. Sinai team checked warning on request.

Winlo said the Openly technology would help Emyria’s clinical team conduct world-class health and wellness screenings, which are a high priority for employees looking to get back to business after COVID.

The platform was recently registered as a Class 1 medical device with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Data acquisition for Zenivol ™

In addition, Emyria has signed an agreement with () to collect data from patients treated with the insomnia drug Zenivol ™ through Emyria’s specialist clinical services.

Zelira will pay Emyria up to $ 100,000, including an upfront payment of $ 50,000 and a subscription fee for each patient enrolled in the study, up to a maximum of 100 participants.

The initial term of the agreement is 12 months, with Zelira having the option to extend the term to collect the minimum required data for each patient.

Emyria will provide real data that will complement the existing clinical data package for Zenivol ™ and will be used to provide information on further clinical development and ultimately the path to product registration.

The partnership strengthens Zelira’s competitive advantage in bringing high quality cannabinoid drugs to market, supported by clinical and real patient data, as well as Emyria’s model of commercializing high quality real evidence.

Program manager for CDAP

In May, Emerald Clinics was named program manager for the development of a CDAP, a partnership between several Australian government health agencies, the federal government and universities.

The collected data is analyzed to create predictive models that can help clinicians make point-of-care decisions about likely disease outcomes and treatment options for each patient.

Emerald Clinics leads program management throughout the project, including coordinating data integration efforts across multiple health services and analytical model design.

This initial work order will generate sales of $ 100,000 in 12 months.


In August 2020, the company raised $ 2.2 million through 8-cent stock placement to fund the expansion of its clinical services, research and development, and business development opportunities.

The injection of new capital will add further momentum to the business, supported by record monthly sales in July and the signing of a large data deal in the UK.

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