Andhra nod for herbal ‘Covid cure’

The Andhra Pradesh government Monday allowed Ayurveda practitioner B Anandaiah to distribute a herbal concoction which many claimed had cured Covid-19. Issuing guidelines for distribution, the government asked Anandiah not to prescribe eye drops to patients as these are yet to be tested.

The government said the decision was taken after a preliminary report submitted by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences stated that the herbal concoction was causing no harm though there was no evidence that it was reducing the effects of Covid-19. Samples were sent to CCRAS and ICMR. The council will submit a final report in two weeks.

The government allowed medicines categorised as F, L and P to be given to patients. It said that instead of patients, the relatives should visit the distribution centre at Krishnapatnam in Nellore district while maintaining distancing norms.

On May 21, as thousands of people crowded the distribution centre, the state government had stopped the supply and ordered a probe into claims that the concoction was curing people of Covid-19.

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