Mumbai to remain under level 3 of lockdown restrictions next week | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahal told Times of India on Friday Mumbai will continue to remain under level 3 restrictions next week.
Chahal said that Mumbai will remain under level 3 restrictions till the cases come down to around 100-200 cases per day.
“Right now we still have around 700-800 Covid-19 cases per day so it is not that cases have disappeared. We are taking a very cautious and graded approach to unlocking in Mumbai so that we don’t have to go back into lockdown. We will monitor the situation closely till the last week of June and take a decision on further easing of restrictions,” Chahal told TOI.
“The restrictions levels 1 to 5 are only indicative. We will only ease to level 2 restrictions only when the cases drop consistently to around 100 to 200 per day. Last week of June we will see how the situation pans out and then decide. We are taking a slow and cautious approach,” Chahal said.
BMC officials said that if restrictions are eased to level 2 next week, then several areas could see crowds and social distancing measures might go for a toss. So it is likely that Mumbai may remain in level restrictions till the end of June.
While the state government has said, districts and cities falling in “Level 1″ will have the least restrictions, while those in “Level 5″ will have stringent near lockdown-like restrictions in place based on positivity rate and oxen bed occupancy, the final decision to impose or relax restrictions based on the levels will be taken by the local bodies which is BMC for Mumbai.
Level 2 is for cities and districts where the positivity rate is five per cent and oxygen bed occupancy is 25 to 40 per cent, while Level 3 comprises areas where the positivity rate is five per cent to 10 percent and the oxygen bed occupancy is more than 40 per cent.
As on Friday, Mumbai has a positivity rate of 4.40% and oxygen bed occupancy of 27.12%.
Last week, the BMC had reiterated that Mumbai was under level 3 of the lockdown restrictions as laid down by the state government’s ‘Break the Chain’ order but women will not be allowed to travel by local trains. As per the set government’s orders, for level 3 restrictions, medical staff, a few essential workers and women were allowed to travel by local trains. However the BMC had said that women in general will not be allowed to travel by local trains. Women who are part of a few essential services are allowed to board local trains.
Under the level 2 restrictions, all the shops and establishments, both essential and non-essential will be allowed to function as usual. Malls, theatres and multiplexes have function with 50% capacity in Level 2. in Level 2, restaurants have to run with only 50% capacity but they won’t have to shut down at 4pm. All public places can be opened for walking and cycling, and private offices can function as usual. There can be 100% attendance at all private and government offices. Shootings will be allowed as usual.
Social gatherings will be allowed with 50% capacity and marriages will also be allowed with 50% capacity. Funerals can have 20 persons and meetings, elections of local bodies and cooperative bodies can take place with 50% capacity.
Gyms, spas, salons and wellness centres can operate at 50% capacity by appointment only.

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