Pune: Khadakwasla dam water released in Mutha river, residents of low-lying areas on alert

With incessant rain filling the Khadakwasla dam to its capacity, the Irrigation department started releasing water in Mutha river on Thursday and increased the amount to 10,096 cusecs in the evening, while alerting local residents of low-lying areas near the river.

“The storage in Khadakwasla dam was 88.52 per cent till 3 pm due to incessant rain for last two days in catchment areas. Extremely heavy rain continues so discharge of 2,466 cusec water was started in Mutha river in the afternoon. The discharge has been increased to 10,096 cusecs in the evening and will be increased as per the situation,” read a communication of the Irrigation department.

Mayor Murlidhar Mohol said, “The water level is increasing rapidly in Khadakwasla dam and the three dams upstream of Mutha river. If heavy rain continues, then the release of water will be increased in Mutha river.”

There are three more dams — Panshet, Varasgaon and Temghar — upstream of Mutha river, he said. In spite of heavy rain in catchment areas of all dams, they are not yet filled to their capacity so the discharge of water in Mutha river will be slowly increased as per the situation. “The discharge of water will not be much in the beginning but local residents need to be alert,” he said.

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