B1617 variant becoming more dominant worldwide

The B1617 Covid-19 variant – which has mutated to spread more easily from person to person – is becoming increasingly dominant worldwide and could worsen the pandemic, especially in countries with low vaccination rates, said experts. And this will not be the last time that the virus mutates, they added.


India’s healthcare workers scarred by Covid-19 crisis

Healthcare workers in India are experiencing emotional trauma – from seeing multiple deaths and young patients without comorbidities taking a turn for the worse, as well as from facing the extreme anger or grief of families – amid a second wave of Covid-19 that has put immeasurable pressure on the health system.


SFA to study fish farming’s impact in East Johor Strait

The effects of fish farming on the local marine environment are to be studied, to maximise production levels at fish farms.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has called for a tender to assess the impact of current aquaculture activities in the East Johor Strait, and to recommend appropriate mitigation measures.


New lease of life for Jakarta’s old town

Jakarta is planning to turn its old town area on the northern coastline into a tourism draw. Its administration will hand over the management of the Kota Tua to three government-run companies, which will make detailed plans for the development, and hire contractors to improve public facilities.


Indonesia strikes balancing act between big powers

The spotlight is on the Indonesian military’s shortcomings after the sinking of its submarine. But what Indonesia lacks in military assets, it makes up for in its adroit diplomatic balancing act between big powers as conducted through its foreign policy of non-alignment and non-alliance, says regional correspondent Arlina Arshad.


Tussle between inflation fears and optimism

The market is currently caught between fear over inflation and optimism about the upcoming economic recovery. The tussle between the two will continue to contribute to market volatility in the weeks ahead as investors assess a slew of economic data, say experts.

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