Met Eireann pinpoints hottest areas of Ireland ahead of stunning 22C weather

Following a spell of glorious weather over the weekend and today, Tuesday is shaping up to be just as good with highs of 22 degrees expected in 12 counties.

For those living in Leinster, the mercury will be at its very highest with a warm, dry and sunny day expected.

While a few showers may develop inland during the late afternoon and evening, the temperature is set to be sweltering with highs of 18 to 22 degrees expected.

Weather expert Alan O’Reilly of Carlow Weather has said: “Up to 21c today and possibly 22c tomorrow but much cooler tomorrow in the west with a big east/west divide.”

As for the other three provinces, it’s still expected to be quite warm with highs of 21 degrees registering on the thermometer.

For those living in Connacht, Met Eireann has said that Tuesday morning and afternoon will be generally cloudy or dull, with outbreaks of rain or drizzle.

However, these conditions will change as the day continues with sunny spells and scattered showers developing in eastern parts in the afternoon. Expect the highest temperatures to vary between 13 to 21 degrees, warmest in east Connacht.

If you’re living in Munster, a cloudy start to the day in the western part of the province is expected with outbreaks of rain and drizzle lingering on the coast for much of the day.

However, the eastern side of Munster will be drier with hazy sunshine and a few showers breaking out later in the afternoon.

Highest temperatures will range between 17 and 21 degrees, a few degrees cooler in cloudier parts of west Munster.

Finally, the nine counties of Ulster will see a cloudy and dull start to the day, mainly in western areas of the province where there will be outbreaks of rain or drizzle near the coast.

This will clear to sunny spells and scattered showers later in the afternoon with the highest temperatures here of 15 to 17 degrees.

As for the eastern areas of Ulster, tomorrow will be largely dry, warm and sunny, with a small chance of an isolated shower.

The highest temperatures will hit their peak between 18 to 21 degrees.

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