Rescue helicopter scrambled as kayakers rescued from River Nore

Two kayakers were successfully rescued from the River Nore in Kilkenny this evening.

major rescue operation was launched when the young couple got stuck on a weir near Maudlin Street in Kilkenny City.

The Coastguard Sikorsky helicopter Rescue 117 based at Waterford airport and the fire brigade were dispatched to help.

However, the couple was brought safely out of the water by local fishermen just before 6pm.

They did not require medical treatment.

A garda spokesperson for the Carlow/Kilkenny division said: “The Coast Guard, fire service and gardai all attended a call to the weir area near Maudlin Street where a young couple became trapped in the river.

“The couple have been successfully rescued and did not require medical treatment. Thanks to all services for their work. On this occasion, no one was hurt. Please, please think water safety.”

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