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Tomorrow, 1 June, is the International Children’s Rights Day. This day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. The roots of this tradition go back to World Conference on Child Welfare held in Geneva 1925. Since 1950 the International Children’s Rights Day is celebrated in most of the world 1 June.

It is stated that every child able to formulate his or her opinion is to be provided the right to voice their opinion in all topics related to them. Additionally, adults are to pay close attention to the opinions of children at each stage of their development and maturity, according to Latvian Ministry of Welfare.

Here are some numbers related to children in Latvia:

  • 17 552 children were born in 2020, which is 1 234 more when compared to 2019;
  • 359 000 or 18.8% of all residents in Latvia had children at the start of 2020;
  • 185 000 of all children (under the age of 17 years) in Latvia were boys and 174 000 were girls in 2020;
  • In the 2019/2020 school year 320 200 residents were engaged in studies at general schools, vocational and higher education institutions. 65% of them or 209 200 were aged under 17 years;
  • 99 000 children were engaged in pre-school education in 2019/2020 school year, which is 2 551 more when compared to 2019.

It is each resident’s responsibility to protect their and other residents’ children. Violations of child rights are required to be reported to the police, orphan courts or other institutions protecting rights of children.

Children also have the option to call the Child and Teenager trust hotline 116111 and receive a free consultation regarding topics that interest them.

«Children are the corner stone of our country – our national treasure. Children are a shared responsibility of all adults – making sure children feel loved, needed and cared for in a stable, social and economically independent family. The pandemic has brought changes to our lives. Family cohesion plays a decisive role to reduce stress and negative emotions for children. Aid for families and children is my priority as minister. It is the objective of the state to provide aid to existing and future families in times when it is necessary,» said Latvian Minister of Welfare Ramona Petraviča.

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