A man guilty of the death of his beloved

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A man, who was on trial for assaulting his girlfriend and grandmother Bhanga in Okashopachoba village in Itayi District, Umusati District, was convicted of her murder and assault of an elderly woman.

Acting Ushakati High Court Judge David Munsu Hamukoshi Samuel, 50, has been found guilty of housebreaking with intent to kill and murder while reading the provisions of the Domestic Violence and Attempted Murder Act.

The charges stem from an incident on 16 June 2019 when Samuel went to the home of his girlfriend Hambilene Ndhava Absalom (35 years old), broke into her room and continuously attacked her with banja. The brutal attack began in the room, and Absalom tried to escape, but Samuel followed her out, where he continued the attack.

Samuel also hacked Absalom’s 74-year-old grandmother, Lovisa Hamotinia, several times when she tried to interfere.

Absalom was pronounced dead at the scene, while Hamwtania was seriously injured and had to be taken to a local hospital, where she spent nearly two months.

According to Absalom’s autopsy report, she died of haemorrhage and head injury. The report indicated that extreme force was used, which resulted in a fracture of the skull and ribs. With these injuries, Absalom had no chance of surviving.

“Given the nature of the weapon used, the parts of the body targeted, and the severity of the injuries sustained, the court is satisfied that the state was able to establish the guilt of the accused in the alleged crimes,” Monceau said.

He added that Samuel confessed several times in his testimony that Absalom was his girlfriend, and on the day of the incident he went to her house with Banga. There he ended up penetrating the deceased as well as Hamotinia several times.

“These confessions are in line with the evidence of the witnesses who testified in this matter. The court noted that the state was able to prove the guilt of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt on both charges.”