Infrastructure development and economic progress in Kavango West says Governor

Katwetoi settlement is expected to become a village council within the next three years, Western Kavango Governor Sirka Osiko said during her state of the area address on June 4, providing an overview of projects that are in the pipeline and have been undertaken.

Osiko also highlighted that the villages of Mbongo, Bunia, Katjinakatji, Rupara and Nkamagoro are also expected to be declared settlements in the same time frame.

“These projects are part of the central government’s initiatives and are led by the regional and city council respectively,” she said.

According to Ausiku, for rural water supply, 77% of the population has access to safe drinking water, while 32.1% still travel at least 31 kilometers to the water source, and in the ICT sector, 13 towers have been operational in the area in the past two years .

She also stated that Nkurunkoro City Council has experienced a budget shortfall for compensation purposes, which is critical to speeding up the handover of land in the city.

“We plan to honor the region’s best small horticultural growers in November 2021, and our Land Council has also been set up this year,” she added.

Meanwhile, regarding the manufacturing and trading sector, Osiko said they have supported local women to make face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, and launched the ‘Buy Local, Grow Namibia’ initiative aimed at boosting consumption and use. for local products and services.

“In the education sector, our district received a budget to assist in the development, renovation and construction of ablution facilities and hostel facilitation, and the second phase of construction of the Vocational Training Center in Nkurunkoro began last year and is expected to be completed at the end of HPP 11,” she confirmed.

Ausiku said they are continuing to implement a number of outreach programs in some departments, and they have completed construction of the COVID-19 isolation center in Nkurenkuru.

She concluded her speech by saying, “Currently, there are 15,909 children receiving social grants, 8000 beneficiaries receiving pensions and disability grants, and a total of 146 families benefiting from the food bank program.”

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