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We’ve all had disagreements at work, or got into an uncomfortable predicament after getting into someone’s bad books.

Fortunately for most of us, workplace controversies are not usually broadcast live to the viewing nation or viewed by millions of internet users around the world.

Two announcers broke out on Namibia’s main broadcasting station after their painfully awkward exchange was spotted live.

The controversy began when news anchor Elmari Caponda dropped her co-star Jessica Kaymo for a sports segment.

Kabunda continued introducing the clip further, before Kaimu cut it: No, you wouldn’t. You’re just going to greet me and say, “Take it away.”

Caponda replied: “Jessica, we’re alive” – ​​which led to an awkward silence between the spouses, which none of the presenters dared to break. They are ultimately saved by news program graphics, which appear out of nowhere to bring them and the audience out of their misery.

But unfortunately for Kapunda and Kaimu, the moment was captured by a Twitter user and their tweet went viral.

Now, many people are online – and even South African news program presenters – They recreated the moment.

The errors occurred on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) network.

Lazarus Jacobs, the network’s CEO, told CNN, “Unfortunately for the sports presenter, I don’t know what happened with her earpiece, (but) she didn’t realize it was on air. What people heard and saw was supposed to happen behind the scenes.”

However, the phrase “Jessica, we live” has spread across Namibia, South Africa and beyond, with netizens expressing shock and support for news readers. Many assumed that the two news readers were disagreeing on air, with some taking sides in the perceived debate.

“Who Was Wrong With ‘Jessica We Live’ Day?” In a viral tweet, one user asked, imagine the question will appear in Namibian history tests in a couple of decades.

“Finally Namibia has a celebrity and her name is Jessica. And another added: ‘All Africa celebrates it like Madiba’.”

But Jacobs told CNN, “There was no disagreement of any kind. The two women are good mates (and) last night had a live chat where they laughed a lot at her.”

“Once you realize you’re on the air and you say something that might be inappropriate for the viewer, you basically freeze,” Jacobs said, adding that the couple had agreed to take part in an on-air rehearsal but dismissed reports in local media that they would be removed from their positions.

“I have personally spoken to the two women to reassure them that their job security is not in danger. This was an outright mistake, and it can happen to anyone,” Jacobs told CNN.

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