Konin Needs Funding for Blue and Green Economy – Chia

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Marius Shea, Governor of Konin District, said the district is uniquely positioned to achieve its development goals in the blue and green economies.

While presenting projects to access green growth in the region, Shea said the region needs funding from local and foreign investors to boost green economy initiatives in local authorities and penetrate into the blue economy.

“We are determined that our coast and marine resources are of great economic value. The coastline encourages the creation of many great things while the prospects for tourism on the coast cannot be discussed.

Green economy strategies focus on the energy, transportation, and sometimes agriculture and forestry sectors, while the blue economy focuses on the fisheries, marine and coastal resource sectors.

Blue Economy goals prioritize the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, livelihoods and jobs, and the health of the ocean ecosystem. A green economy is based on sustainable development, which means developing economies in ways that benefit, not sacrifice, social justice and equity as well as the environment.

While delivering his speech on the state of the region last week, Shea said that the region is currently experiencing its seventh consecutive drought, adding that the living conditions in the region are harsh and require unity, in cooperation with the government, to help revive the unfortunate situation.

He also commended the government for its efforts through social safety nets that protect the elderly and vulnerable from the stresses of poverty and hunger.

“This social support system gives poor families income and security, reduces inequality, and ensures growth is shared,” the governor explained.

A total of 6.8 million Namibian dollars is spent per month to administer government maintenance grants to 27,505 beneficiaries in Kunini alone. About 11 million Nam per month is spent on old-age grants to 8,536 beneficiaries, while 4.5 million Namibian dollars is spent on disability grants for 3,240 beneficiaries.