Namibia: Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly clarifies the chaos in the African Parliament

Head of the Namibian delegation to the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Honor. Lloyd Kasengo, Vice President of the National Assembly recently said that the PAP session could not be concluded due to the succession battle between the African regional blocs that make up the legislature.

She emphasized that despite the principle of geographical rotation agreed upon by the African Union, the northern and southern regions have been deprived of leadership since the establishment of the body.

“The principle of geographical rotation is a well-established principle within the Federation, which has been consistently applied and has legally binding effect within the entire Federation and this was the focus of contention at the session held in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa,” he explained.

She explained that over the past 17 years of the Palestinian parliament’s existence, four years of the presidency was occupied by the eastern and central region and twice by the western region, while the northern and southern regions did not have the opportunity to lead the administration of the institution. .

Kasenjo also pointed out that the opposition to the demands of rotation by the West and some other regions turned into a state of chaos, which calls for the suspension of the electoral process and the session.

“The southern region has taken its position to demand the application of the principle of geographical rotation and if this is not considered then elections will not be held, which was proposed by the West and some regions which led to the outbreak of chaos that could not be controlled by the ad hoc committee in charge of election operations,” said Kasengo.

Accompany Kasenjo Hon. McHenry Vinani, Leader of the Official Opposition, People’s Democratic Movement, Hazrat. Hamunira hampiuca and hon. Gerhardos Shemy are also Members of Parliament appointed to represent the Namibian Parliament.

The People’s Action Program began on May 21 with the theme “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Backward to Building the Africa We Want”.


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