Namibia: Intensive efforts to combat poaching are paying off

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism says intensified efforts against poaching and other wildlife crime are paying off as law enforcement agencies continue to argue poaching suspects.

This comes after four people were arrested in Kamenjab district on Monday after being found with rhino horns.

“The discovery of these antlers demonstrates consistency in law enforcement against wildlife crime. We congratulate the police and our staff on a successful discovery and arrest in this regard,” says Ministry of Environment spokesman Romeo Muyonda.

Four people were recently arrested for allegedly possessing rhino horns.

Men between the ages of 20 and 46, who were traveling from Kamanjab to Ubo, were implicated in this incident.

Investigations to determine the value and origin of the antlers are underway.

Muyunda says Namibia’s intensified anti-poaching effort to curb wildlife crime has led to the arrest of suspects in each of the rhino poaching cases.

“The ongoing arrests should serve as a warning to those intent on committing similar crimes that there is no room for wildlife crime in Namibia,” he says.

According to the ministry’s weekly report on wildlife crime, a total of eight new cases were recorded during the week of July 12-18.

Ten suspects were arrested and charged during that week.

Of those suspects, two were arrested for poaching and elephant smuggling.

The report detailed that seven elephant tusks, an impala carcass, two python skins, a live litter, two crocodile skins, two carcasses of pig carcass and one carcass of an oryx were seized.

Furthermore, one wildlife crime case was completed as of April, which involved one suspect arrested for illegal possession and trading of controlled wildlife products.

The suspect was arrested for possession of snake skin and sentenced to 18 months in prison or a fine of NZ$6,000.


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