Namibia: Nord suffers from illegal communications

Illegal electricity conduction remains an ongoing concern for Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (NoRED) despite measures in place to fine offenders an exorbitant NZ$9,000.

NoRED is mandated to supply and distribute electricity in the North Central and Northwest, as well as the eastern and western Kavango and Zambezi regions.

As a result, the power supplier planned to conduct a meter survey, but had to be postponed due to Covid-19, NoRED CEO Philemon Nakashol says.

Nakashul says that while all NoRED districts power electricity theft incidents through illegal connections, Opuwo in Kunene District has the highest number of cases.

This was revealed through the investigations conducted by the company.

“Electricity theft manifests itself in various forms, such as tampering with meters, selling illegal prepaid vouchers, and illegal electricity connections,” he says.

“This situation increases operational costs and is also unsafe for perpetrators of crime and for Nored employees who install electricity,” says Nakashul.

“The illegal communication situation continues. However, on a positive note, the company has arrested several perpetrators who indulged in such illegal activity. We are currently working on an intervention plan to ensure that there are no bypass contacts in all areas of our operations.

“So we appeal to all of our stakeholders to help NoRED against this chronic disease by reporting such incidents,” he says.


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