Namibia: Windhoek receives two ambulances

The City of Windhoek received two new ambulances from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development worth N$925,535.75 this week.

The Deputy Minister for Urban and Rural Development, Natalia Gogocis, handed over the vehicles to the Deputy Mayor of Windhoek, Ms.

Hanses thanked the ministry for the donation, noting that the new ambulances were a welcome relief to the city’s old fleet of nine ambulances.

“This donation will go a long way in providing effective emergency medical response services to the population, especially the vulnerable communities in the informal settlement areas,” she added.

The deputy mayor noted that the fire service costs the city approximately N$107 million in operating costs annually. “The donation is therefore in line with the Local Authorities Fire Services Act 2006 (Law No. 5 of 2006), which authorizes the ministry to support fire brigades and other emergency services to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of emergency services in all local authorities across the country.”

Goagoses also used the platform to hand out certificates of appreciation to emergency officials who responded to a train accident on May 25, 2021 near Brakwater.


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