NSFAF ‘Abnormal’ salaries – Nekongo – Namibian

SWAPO Youth League Secretary Ephraim Nikongo said the government should find a way to restructure the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) and reassess the exorbitant salaries paid to some senior officials.

Nikongo said the current salary structure of NSFAF is meaningless because the foundation is not a profitable entity.

The NSFAF salary structure is abnormal in our view. Money that is supposed to go to students is wasted just by paying people. There isn’t much that gets done at NSFAF by these guys, except just filling out paperwork. He said that the institution does not contribute even 50 per cent to the state treasury, and therefore these salaries are not justified.

Nikongo made the remarks at a media event in Windhoek on Thursday.

He particularly questioned the Labor Court’s decision to reinstate and award suspended CEO Helia Ngwete with more than N$2.6 million in lost income.

“Paying more than NZ$2 million to someone in the NSFAF is like taking chances for about 29 young people who could have been funded to go to school,” said Nikongo.

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