The African Leadership Institute trains over 45 healthcare professionals

The African Leadership Institute (ALI) has completed its sixth training for health officials in Namibia, and this has resulted in twelve other healthcare professionals now able to enroll and graduate with NQA-accredited certifications in transformational leadership.

To date, ALI, with financial assistance from FirstRand Namibia Foundation, has trained more than 45 recipients of the Ministry of Health and Social Services from Oshakati, Omaruru, Omahiki District and Katutura Hospital.

At the graduation ceremony, Revonia Kahivere, Director of Corporate Social Investment at FirstRand Namibia Foundation expressed her happiness at the success of this program and said that nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you have enabled one person to change the lives of 10 other people sustainably and positively. people in their communities. “Not only will this sponsorship lead to key skill improvements as well as improvements in our healthcare sector, it will also see a sustainable chain of value creation within our communities.”

FirstRand Namibia’s partnership with the Department of Health and Social Services and the African Leadership Institute has been invaluable and has helped them make significant strides in improving their leadership and transformative contributions toward healthcare for Namibians. Recipients testified that the training effectively raised their productivity while inspiring speed of thought and action.

“Our current global situation is evidence that partnerships of this kind inspire much-needed context-based solutions and develop tools tailored to the challenges we are dealing with today that we may have to face in the future,” Cahevir said. With African leadership, this sponsorship will certainly advance the Foundation’s ambitions in transforming Namibia into a beacon of hope and self-sustainability for the rest of Africa.”

Dr. Krisna von Gerek Faure of the African Leadership Institute expressed her gratitude for the support of the First Rand Foundation Namibia. “We are pleased to see the positive impact of the training as we have heard success stories from the various fields in which the training participants are working. We, at ALI, are excited about our vision to transform Namibia and the rest of Africa, and are therefore grateful to those who share with us for making that vision a reality.”

Another group of 14 leaders will begin their training at the end of June 2021, and the training focuses on building human capital, as well as social capital. Participants are equipped, not only to lead themselves, but are also provided with the skills and knowledge to lead others, with the goal of leading transformation in their areas of influence.

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