The United States donates high-tech equipment to the Ministry of Health

In a virtual ceremony Thursday, the United States donated 176 tablets, 53 laptops, 250 remote temperature monitors, and 2,000 terabytes of hard drives to the Department of Health and Social Services to support the country’s COVID-19 vaccine roster. Outside.

The electronic equipment, valued at about 9.6 million Namibian dollars, will be used for data entry at the vaccination sites and for monitoring purposes.

“Vaccinating the population is fundamental to the fight against COVID-19 in the country and the world,” Jessica Long, Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​said during a virtual handover ceremony in Windhoek. “The United States government remains committed to supporting the Department of Health and Social Services in its fight against this terrible pandemic.”

In addition to computers, USAID has also funded the production of 5,000 records, 100,000 forms, and 750,000 vaccination cards, as well as 11 district-wide training for more than 500 Department of Health staff.

The US Embassy said the United States recognizes that COVID-19 is a global challenge that requires a global response. The Biden-Harris administration has prioritized defeating COVID-19 through a multilateral approach to halting the global pandemic, increasing vaccine production and global access, strengthening supply chains, accelerating economic recovery, and preparing for future pandemics.

To date, the US Government has provided 100 million Namibian dollars to support Namibia’s response to COVID-19.

At the virtual handover ceremony from top left Acting USAID Representative Mark White. US Chargé d’Affairs, Jessica Long, Jeremiah Ngibundgwa, Acting Executive Director, Department of Health and Social Services; and Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services of Namibia, Esther Muenjang.

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