Why Germany’s Apology for the Genocide in Namibia in 1904-1908 Wasn’t Far Enough

Germany has apologized for its role in the first genocide of the 20th century, which took place in Namibia, a former colony then known as German Southwest Africa. Between 1904 and 1908, German colonists killed tens of thousands of O’Harero and Nama residents of Namibia. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas officially described the massacre as genocide and offered to offer more than $1.34 billion in development aid to the Namibian government. The show was not negotiated with genocide survivors, and critics described it as cheap. We speak with Nyoko Muvangua, born of the Ovaherero people who were targeted by the German government for ethnic cleansing, and Namibian scholar Emsie Erastus.

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