Ahmed Gulak: Don’t start a regional war – Youth group warns Nigerians – Daily Post Nigeria

The United Nigerian Youth Forum, UNYF, has warned Nigerians that the assassination of Barrister Ahmed Gulak, a former Special Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, will not allow an international war to break out between northerners and northerners.

A statement issued by the President of the Forum, Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammad Kazeem, said: “Our attention has been drawn to the cold-blooded murder of Barr. Owerri and Honda Ahmed Gulak. Justice Stanley Nnaji of Enugu State strongly condemned the deaths of the two men, respectively.

“Entrepreneurs and some forces are trying to start an international war between the northerners and the peoples of the East,” he said. Their plans will never see the light of day, God willing, because we are at war, given the events in the North, and despite the joint efforts of all stakeholders, there is little or nothing to show that we have won the war with Boko Haram, kidnappings and robberies. ”

The statement said that the Nigerian government has been fighting terrorism in the Northeast for the past decade alone, allocating a significant portion of the country’s budget each year to education, health, human capital development, infrastructure, research and spending. development.

The forum said the executive governor of Imo province had been given a two-week ultimatum for Bar’s horrific murder. Gul was not summoned by the leadership of the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria and the National Youth Council of Nigeria (Northeast Branch), given that the Imo State Police Command had issued a statement on the incidents within the province.

To be fair to the police force, he added that despite the lack of manpower and manpower, they were able to recruit the perpetrators of the cowardly act in a very short period of time, contrary to past experiences with force.

Noting at the forum that elites were killed by bandits in the Northern region, including traditional leaders and retired army generals, the IPOB said it killed former rulers in Enugu province 20 hours ago because southerners had a similar experience to screaming.

The forum explained that what Nigerians have witnessed confirms that Nigeria is in crisis and that the crisis is recurring and not limited to the Imo State or the Eastern region.

The group noted that instead of looking at the region-based crisis, Nigerians should always promote national unity, and interested citizens and stakeholders and civil society should now prevent any ethnic conflict.

The group said Nigerians were not only alarmed, but also saddened by the country’s growing and dangerous atrocities, noting that criminals are now legally behind ethnic and religious grounds to avoid a date.

“The story of hatred, violence and division has taken over our nation, threatened our national unity and collective patriotism. We have never been as divided and hated as we are today,” he said.

The United Nigerian Youth Forum called on the country’s youth to be more calm, law-abiding and vigilant than ever, to put aside personal, religious and tribal sentiments in favor of the country, but to fight collectively together in other countries. save the country and the unborn children.

Gunmen kill Ahmed Gulaki Imoda, a former adviser to Jonathan

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