Al-Rufai explains the journalist’s appointment as security commissioner Nation

By AbdulGafar Alabelewe, Kaduna

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai said he had removed the Homeland Security administration from the post of Secretary of State and appointed journalist Samuel Aruwan as Homeland Security and Home Affairs Commissioner for the first time.

Former Leadership and Blueprint newspapers in Kaduna, Samuel Aruwan, Chief of Staff, was the Chief Special Assistant to the Governor for Media and Publicity during his first term.

Aruwan was appointed the first Security Commissioner after Governor El-Rufai established the Ministry of Homeland Security and Interior in 2019 in his second term.

Addressing security officials at the opening of a quarterly zonal meeting of directors of the Department of Public Services, El-Rufai said he identified Aruva as a young man because of his energy and the many informants he came in contact with as a journalist.

Governor El-Rufai said: “I have chosen a journalist to cover this case. I did this not because he was a journalist, but because I saw his energy, the number of information he had in the province during our first term.

“I am convinced that the energy he brings to his work, his support for the security forces, as well as the increase in human intelligence in the activities of criminals, is highly valued by all our security agencies.”

Explaining why he removed security from the SSG’s office, El-Rufai said: “During our first term, the security leadership was in the Secretariat of the State Government. This is a structure in most of the provinces of the federation, but we have seen that the Secretary of State is very busy. Not enough attention is paid to permanent secretaries and security management who report to themselves.

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