#BiafraRemembranceDay: Sad Tales featuring Nigerians, IPOB by the Army, Police, ESN labeled as a suspect

Biafra Indigenous Peoples (IPOB) on Monday met with some residents who were victims of police and military raids on the prison on May 30, Biafra Remembrance Day, which was celebrated with an order to stay at home for all Southeast residents.

SaharaReporters provides profiles of some residents who have been raided by police and the army, who are listed as members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), an IPOB or armed branch.

A report prepared by the International Association for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, a civil society and research team, detailed some of the information about the victims of this military and police rape, and provided photos only to SaharaReporters.

Civil society noted that over the past week, “at least 30 open and covert killings by soldiers and police have taken place in Imo province, where a large number of bodies have been brought to the morgues of government medical centers.”

Among the many unarmed civilians who were raided as IPOB and ESN suspects are: one, Eze Avurum, 64; cousin Dominic Ekechukwu and daughter.

Sahara correspondents learned that all of them were attacked on May 12 by soldiers of the 144th Battalion of the 14th Battalion of the Ohafiya 14th Brigade of the Nigerian Army from Ugiri in Umuneke-nta, Isiala Mbano region of Imo province.

Eze Awurum was paraded by the army a few hours later and was labeled “ESN second commander”.

Dominic Ekechukwu’s residence was also on fire. So far, both Awurum and Ekechukwu have been held in military custody at the Abacha (Mogadishu) barracks in Abuja.

Contrary to the army’s claims, Mr. Eze Awurum was framed for a dispute over ancestral land, which led to his abduction by the traditional ruler of his community (Eze Onyenagbaru) and his transformation into an “ESN in-command.” It is stated in the inter-communal report.

Two, John Chinonso, 24; He is from the Nchoko Dikenafai Society in the Ideato South of Imato Prefecture and lived on Apiti Street by Owerri North, Orji-Uratta, Hardel Junction in Imo Prefecture.

He is an orphan living with his older brother. Chinoso owns and operates the DaddyFresh Barbing Salon in Ogboru Umuchoke with the Hardel Bus Stop from Uratta.

Overri and his entourage responded to a call to close his older brother’s store due to a dangerous security situation and return home, and on Tuesday evening, May 25, as he was walking home, police patrol officers blocked him and arrested him with a gun.

According to Intersociety, Chinonso held a parade that evening with four people, including “ESN hoodlums trying to set fire to the Orji Police Department.”

Three, Chukwudi Okoro, 29; It is a service bus carrier traveling on the Owerri-Orji route with its lamp. He is from Aqaba-Amata in Orji, near Owerri, Imo province.

His wife, Chioma, is seven months pregnant.

He and the apprentice, on May 25, Oji and his entourage closed early due to the dangerous security situation and returned to their homes when they saw police patrol officers firing indiscriminately in and around Orji.

In the end, police patrol officers arrested both of them by blocking them with a gun. The same evening, four people passed by as “ESN hoodlums trying to set fire to the Orji Police Department.”

Another was 40-year-old Casmir Ibegbulem. He is the father of one oil company on Bonny Island in Bayelsa State, the future father of another, and the Licensee Board, and Mbaitoli is the Ogwa Community in Imo State.

Ibegbulem returned to his mother-in-law’s funeral on May 28. On the 25th, in Owerri, police patrol officers jumped on him with a gun and were in Overrie to pick up his personal belongings when he was arrested.

That same evening, a parade was held with four people. Ibegbulem is married to Onyekachi, who is seven months pregnant.

Alozie Daberechi and Chigaemezu Sabastine are traders and locals of Owerri origin from Imo province. The two were arrested by police patrol officers on their way home in the evening of Tuesday, May 25. The same evening there was a parade.

Smith Amadikwa; is the husband of Ebere Amadikwa, a former leader of the Obowo Local Government Legislative Council under former governor Rochas Okorocha, and they live in Obowo, Umuagu Seven & Half Junction.

According to his wife, Smith Amadikwa has been in and out of custody since May 12, when he was arrested by the Imo State Police Command and was not with his wife when he tried to make an appointment at Owerri Shoprite / Samsung.

His wife waited for him in his car to return home, but his long wait was in vain.

On May 28, Imo State Police Command was among the names labeled “ESN hoodlums that attacked Imo State Prison Headquarters.”

“In all of this, we have received more than 100 phone calls and messages from members of the public who have been named above and testified in favor of the murdered citizens. The international community calls on the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Army to release all illegally detained citizens immediately and unconditionally.

“We call on them to renounce personnel and fabricated charges or charges, kidnappings and disappearances, extrajudicial killings and other ongoing genocide operations in the Southeast,” he said.

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