[BREAKING] Igboho: Ilana Oodua released a textbook to promote the Yoruba people – Punch Newspapers

Ilana Omo Oodua, the Umbrella body of Yoruba Self-Determination Groups, has published a textbook for anyone who wants to join the Yoruba Nation campaign or become a champion.

37-page instruction obtained by PUNCH, including things to and should not be done for mixers, including the reason for the promotion.

This comes three days after Bazar Igboho, who was arrested at Cotonou Airport in the capital, Bazar, three days after a Yoruba Nation activist.

The guide, signed by Professor Emeritus Banji Akintoye, also contains the conditions that must be met during a rally or protest.

He explained the need for cooperation between the Yoruba Nation and other self-determination groups around the world.

“The following is an instruction or instruction for the use of all Yoruba patriots fighting for Yoruba’s self-determination. Provides all supporters of the struggle for self-determination with the information they need to judge the struggle; and guides strategies and methods of struggle. ”

The manual details the reasons for the Yoruba people, some of which are “the destructive experiences of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, the progressive (and now almost complete) destruction of democracy in Nigeria, the primitive and blood-curdling agenda.” “Ethnic cleansing and genocide in Nigeria, persistent atrocities, pain and death of people and the regime of crimes against humanity in Nigeria.”

“We, Yoruba, are leading a separate country to choose a peaceful and law-abiding path to our goal,” the statement said. And we, the servants of the Yoruba people, work faithfully in this struggle through peaceful organization, peaceful demands, peaceful propaganda, peaceful protests, peaceful legal action, peaceful political persuasion and peaceful negotiations, and we will always act faithfully.

“We will push for negotiation tables and we will never be forced into street fights or other confrontations. If we find any nationalist activists or groups prone to violence among our people, we will encourage them to resort to peaceful and law-abiding means.

“After carefully examining the records of separatist movements around the world, we have come to believe that a peaceful approach is more likely to succeed. In the last century, various nationalist campaigns in different countries of the world have used violent means at different times in their efforts to achieve nationalist goals.

“Yoruba groups engaged in the service of the Yoruba nation must note that none of these violent or terrorist methods has achieved the goal of self-determination or autonomy for their nation; All they could do was create confrontations and wars with the governments of their countries.

“Young nationalist propagandists are naturally involved in harsh and rude activities because they are young,” he said. In addition to proudly proclaiming the virtues of their nation, young nationalist activists tend to insult, brag and boast unnecessarily, challenge the brave or other nations, and even dare and challenge their countries and governments – all in the face of inevitable confrontations, hostile government actions and even causes wars. Our young people in Yoruba need to learn the fact that the use of harsh and violent means does not bring success at all, and it is really more likely to prevent success.

“Those who imitate the peaceful processes of nationalist movements that have succeeded to varying degrees today – Scots, Welsh, French Canadians, Czechs, Slovaks, Timor Leste and others – must have different Yoruba self-determination groups and organizations. peacefully. In general, we must demonstrate to the Yoruba, the civilization and maturity of our Yoruba people, and at the same time, resolutely and irrevocably, we must move towards the great goal of Yoruba power, self-determination, self-fulfillment and prosperity. ”

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