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• Asks the Attorney General to begin the recovery process
• Buhari opened an account on FG Indian’s Koo for keeping his mother banned from Twitter
• Repeats the security directive review directive
• Respect the rights of your citizens, oppose the suspension of Twitter, the US tells FG
• The PDP is blaming the President for its infrastructure success claims
• Ndigbo, town trade unions deny Buhari’s position on Iqbo

President Muhammadu Buhari has allowed the return of open pastures used during the First Republic, when shepherds used pasture roads designated to transport livestock to several parts of the country. The President said this in an exclusive interview with Arise TV yesterday.

In a 44-minute interview, the President asked questions, asking the Federation’s Attorney General, Abubakar Malami, to start taking land from those who have turned cattle grazing routes for personal use.

The AWF began its opposition to the 17 Southern Governor’s declaration banning open grazing, noting that the Northern Governors banned the trade in spare parts.

Buhari laughed at a question about the decision of the Southern Governors and agreed with the position of the AWF: “Do you want me to oppose the Prosecutor General?

“All I did was ask people to go and dig up the newspaper of the First Republic when they obeyed the law,” he said. There were cattle roads and pastures. Cattle roads (shepherds) had to cross the country as they moved up, from north to south, or from east to west.

“If you allow your cattle to enter any farm, you are arrested. Farmers are invited to submit their requirements. The clerk or judge will tell you to pay this amount, and if you can’t, the goods will be sold. If there is a benefit, it is given to you, and people behaved themselves and in the pastures, built dams, put windmills in some places, and even had veterinary departments to keep shepherds limited. Their route is known, the pasture is known. Therefore, I asked the newspaper to make sure that those who interfered with these cattle routes and pastures would be legally removed and, as a rule, try to bring them back to the cattle pastures. ”

Benue Governor Samuel Orthomo has been accused of speaking out, enforcing an aggressive pasture law and accusing the president of failing to take action against shepherds because he is also a member of the Fulani shepherds.

Buhari said he was indeed a Fulani man, but Ortom was unfair to him. Ortom said the shepherds who carried out the attacks were not Nigerian Fulani, he said.

“The problem is trying to understand the culture of the herdsmen. There is a cultural difference between Tiv and Fulani. So the governor of Benue said: I do not discipline cattle breeders because I am one of them.

“I can’t say I’m not one of them, but it’s very unfair to me, and I told him that the Nigerian cattle breeder carries nothing but a stick, cut down a little tree and feed the cattle, but those advanced ones move with the AK 47.

“So people from other regions are rushing to Nigeria. You know that Fulani from Mauritania and Central Africa look the same, so they feel they are Nigerians, and I assure you that we are trying to revitalize and hold these cattle roads and pastures accountable. ”

He also instructed provincial governors to address the problems facing their provinces, recalling how they sent two southern governors back to the province after submitting reports of violence.

“These governors have campaigned and won the election. They should be able to resolve the issues that have arisen in their places, not run for the presidency. You know these people better than I do, and you are democratically elected to protect your people. Do not sit idle waiting for me to do everything, take action, “said President Buhari.

Interestingly, the President was my mother in connection with the ban on Twitter in the country. When asked for his comment, he said: “I will keep it in the Twitter ban.”

The country has been embroiled in controversy with the country’s micro-blogging platform since President Buhari deleted a tweet claiming Twitter was degrading and provocative.

Koo, a rival produced by India on Twitter yesterday, said the Federal Government had set up an official account on the platform that looked to deepen the African nation. Koo’s founder and CEO, Aprameya Radhakrishna, said in an article about Koo: “The official office of the Nigerian government is now in Koo!”

He also shared on Twitter: “A very warm welcome to the official board of the Nigerian Government on @kooindia! We are now spreading our wings beyond India. ”

Koo said the platform is available in Nigeria and wants to add new local languages ​​for Nigerian users. Koo was launched last year for users to express their opinions in Hindi and participate in the platform.

This comes amid growing calls for the country and Twitter to engage in a constructive dialogue and resolve the issue. The Public Relations and Communications Association, the International Communications Advisory Board and BlackHouse Media said the ban had a serious impact on Nigeria’s reputation in terms of speech, public speaking, trade and worldwide.

“We call on the Nigerian government to lift the ban immediately and to show Twitter that it is ready to work closely with the government to understand the concerns raised,” they said.

The U.S. government began its decision on Thursday to suspend the Federal Government’s Twitter activity. Concern was also expressed about the threats of arrest and intimidation against violators issued by the Prosecutor General of the Federation Abubakar Malami.

The US government’s position was stated in a press release by US State Department spokesman Ned Price. He urged the federal government to respect the freedom of expression of its citizens by lifting the suspension.

The statement said: “The United States condemns the threats by the Nigerian government to permanently suspend Twitter and subsequently arrest and prosecute Nigerians who use Twitter. The United States is also concerned that the Nigerian National Broadcasting Commission has ordered all television and radio broadcasters to stop using Twitter.

“Illegal restrictions on the ability of Nigerians to report, collect and disseminate ideas and information are not part of democracy,” he said. Freedom of expression and access to information, both online and offline, are the foundations of prosperous and secure democracies. We support Nigeria as it works towards unity, peace and prosperity. As a partner, we call on the government to lift this suspension and respect the right of citizens to freedom of expression. ”

However, President Buhari reiterated his instructions to the security forces to shoot at any person or persons who illegally used AK-47s and other offensive weapons. The president also promised that his administration would act decisively and decisively against anyone who attacks or attacks police and other security personnel. ”

Speaking at the handing over of security equipment purchased by Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to Lagos State Police Command, President Buhari said, “A nation that turns its police force and infrastructure into targets of violence and destruction is on the verge of self-destruction. ”

He added: “As Commander-in-Chief, my main responsibility remains the security of the country and the security of all citizens. Despite the many challenges we face, I want Nigerians to be confident that we can provide for this country. ”

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday accused President Buhari of claiming the successes celebrated by previous administrations. He was disgusted by the president’s use of the opportunity to address issues affecting Nigerians.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, PDP National Propaganda Secretary Kola Ologbondiyan said, “President Buhari, instead of addressing the problems and directing our nation, made very provocative comments that could encourage terrorists. but also plays the role of a recipe for greater division and violence in the country.

“In terms of infrastructure, it is ridiculous for us that Mr. President in the PDP wants to draw conclusions from the former PDP leadership, the so-called infrastructure.”

The PDP, President Olusegun Obasanjo, elected on the PDP platform, presented a 25-year national development plan after taking office in 1999, he said.

According to the opposition party, “this includes the construction and expansion of road network, power plants, railway projects, inland and coastal waterways, airports, housing, agriculture and health projects, as well as the creation of new universities at various universities and other legacy projects.” parts of our country.

“As President Buhari is not always aware, we want to say that the successive governments elected on the PDP platform are based on these development plans, which will lead to the expansion of major highways, railways and other legacy projects in our country.” , employees convince him that he is. ”

Regarding fuel subsidies, the PDP said: “The main issue that Mr. President avoided in the interview is the mixed subsidy policy under his leadership.

“Mr. President, he could not explain to the Nigerians how the amount of PMS used in our country has increased from 35 million liters per day, calculated by the administration’s subsidy, to the current 100 million liters per day.”

APEX Igbo socio-cultural organization Ohanaeze Ndigbo, President Buhari said on the one hand there is a choice between dialogue and on the other hand an inevitable war against Igbo, he said. In an interview with Arise TV, Buhari said that “the people of the South-East are facing tougher times” and that “this time they will not be allowed to enter the outside world by sea.”

Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s National Promotion Secretary, Chief Chiedozie Ogbonna, said the president’s words were unfair to the region. He added that the country urgently needs dialogue, mutual tolerance and common values; not the application of force. “Ndigbo will not support the disintegration of Nigeria, but Ndigbo will not be a victim of Nigerian unity.”

Some city groups in Igboland have described President Buhari’s report, especially his stance on the uprisings in the region, as some grounds for the genocide his administration wants to carry out against the defenseless and vulnerable Igbo people.

Condemning the violence and propaganda in the region, the group, the National President, signed by General Emeka Diwe in Enugu, said in a statement, the products allegedly marginalized by the Buhari administration.

“We have said that if the injustices against Ndigboy in Nigeria are eradicated today, the agitation will end tomorrow. The Biafra enzyme you see today is therefore a sign of a disease brought to Ndigbo by this government and its predecessors.

“Every day, Fulani shepherds kill our people. They are raping our women. They fry our societies. They are destroying our fields. Now our livelihood is very difficult due to the activities of bakers. Again, no shepherd was caught except for the atrocities committed against our poor villagers. ”

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