Buhari named Michael Akabogu MD NSITF – Vanguard News

– MD earlier to return N181m, 3 more
– HoSF dismisses former procurement manager
– Approves the application of the Probe Report
By Johnbosco Agbakwuru, ABUJA

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has confirmed the appointment of Dr. Michael Akabogu as the new Managing Director of the NSITF Social Insurance Trust Fund of Nigeria.

Dr. Following the recommendations of the Presidential Joint Council and the Audit Research Panel Report established in July 2020 to investigate public procurement violations after Akabogu’s appointment was approved by the President to restructure the NSITF Board, the Law, 2007 and NSITF Financial Regulations (FR) .

A statement from Charles Akpan, Deputy Director / Deputy Director of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, said that the President also approved and presided over the termination and dismissal of the head of the Federation Service. Procurement Department Engr. Abdul Rashid Law came into force from the date of its suspension.

According to the statement, Mr. Bayo Somefun, former Managing Director of the Fund, and three other former executive directors, along with NSITF, should be returned to the Fund’s treasury as 056 million Samples, claiming that their salaries and benefits were illegal.

Scholarships included travel abroad, benefits for themselves and their spouses abroad, housing allowances, DSTV and club registration, and external benefits not approved by the National Salary, Income and Salary Commission (NSIWC).

In addition to MD, Ms. Caroline Akinwale, Executive Director of Finance and Investment, Ms. Maureen Allagoa, Executive Director of Management, and Ms. Modu Ghana, Executive Director of Operations have been appointed.

The statement was titled “Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF Board Reconstruction”.

It said, “President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the reorganization of the NSITF Board. This came after the approval of the recommendations in the Report of the Joint Council of the President and the Audit Research Panel, established by the President in July 2020 to investigate violations of the 2007 Public Procurement Act and Financial Regulations (FR) in the NSITF.

“These financial irregularities and other serious irregularities have resulted in the President approving the establishment of the Panel and subsequently removing the Managing Director (MD) and the Chief Executive Officer and three (3) Executive Directors. Finance and Investment, Operations and Management and Human Resources.

“The other nine (9) executives in the General Manager’s staff were removed along with the MD and three (3) CEOs on the recommendation of the esteemed Minister of Labor and Employment.

While confirming the implementation of the recommendations of the panel’s report, the President specifically confirmed:

The removal of the MD / CE Office and three (3) Executive Directors and the immediate replacement of the NSITF General Managers pool and, if necessary, the enhancement of the NSITF’s performance in the NSITF as a competent organization by skilled hands.

“Ladies. Bayo Some entertainment, Jasper Azuatalam, Tijani Sulaiman and Mrs. Olukemi Nelson, therefore, were relieved of their appointments from 1 July 2020.

“Also, the top 9 and 9 (9) removal officials who were dismissed from their posts were forcibly removed for some years in order to retire after resigning and downgrading from their current ranks as recommended by the Panel.

“The MD and the three (3) Executive Directors must return to the NSITF Treasury the total salaries of hundreds of eighty-one million, fifty-six thousand naira (N181, 056,000), as well as benefits such as travel abroad, as illegal overpayments. , leave benefits for oneself and one’s spouses abroad, house allowances, DSTV and club registration, and outside benefits not approved by the National Salary, Income and Salary Commission (NSIWC).

“The other nine (9) top executives, whose appointments have been terminated for various offenses and who have also benefited from excessive bonuses, must return such overpayments to the Panel.

“These staffs are: i) Bashorun Olumide, General Manager of Management, ii) Alhaji Lawan Tahir, General Manager, Finance and Accounts, iii) Chris Esedebe, General Manager, Claims and Compensation, iv) Enyinanya Sike, Deputy General Director, Finance, v) Dorothay Tukura, Deputy General Manager, Training, vi) Victoria Ayantuga, Assistant General Manager, Audit, vii) Dotun Adegbite, Deputy General Manager, Investment, viii) Arokoyo Olutoye, General Manager, Law, ix) Abdul Rasheed Lawan Procurement, Deputy General Manager.

With the new Procurement Officers Group, the “overhaul” of the NSITF Procurement Department was trained from the existing staff pool and all employees who served in 2017-2020 were removed and placed in the Department. is subject to disciplinary action for violations related to the injection of external companies and projects, division of the contract, initiation of the procurement contract without budget allocation, conversion and transfer of one fully proposed project to another after the conclusion of advertising and bidding. All accused Officials must be formally sanctioned by the Board.

“The President also approved and instructed the head of the Federation Service to revoke and dismiss Engr, the former head of the Procurement Department. Abdul Rashid Law came into force from the date of its suspension.

“For the implementation of the panel’s report, Mr. President also approved the following structural and personnel changes in the Board and the Management Board:

“Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
Dr. AKABOGU, Michael C., Ph.D., Financial Mathematics; Master of Finance; MBA Finance and Global Management; Former vice president of Bank of America (BoA); is currently the General Manager (NSITF Risk Management Division).

“Executive Director Finance and Investment, Ms. AKINWALE, Caroline Temitope, FCA, ACA Member Accountants Institute; former NSITF Southwest Director General and Chief Financial Officer; He is currently the Executive Director of Finance and Investment at NSITF.

“Executive Director Administration
Mrs. ALLAGOA, Maureen, BL; LLB Hons; Lawyer and member of the Institute of Chartered Management, FCIA, MNIM, Birmingham City; Former Director in charge of NSITF Port Harcourt Region (Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Rivers); currently acting as Executive Director, Management, General Manager of Management and Human Resources. The officer has extensive experience in Shell Petroleum Development (SPDC) and Coopers and Lybrand.

“Operations of the Executive Director
Mr. GANA Mode, BA (English); MBA. Mr. Ghana joined NSITF at the Abuja Office in 1999 and served in the Management Department before moving to Zenith Bank Plc and was promoted to Head of Marketing and Maiduguri Zonal. With this rich experience, he re-joins the position of Chief Operating Officer for Operations, Claims and Compensation, Risk Management, Safety and Health.

“Nominal directors to the Board
Ms. Lauretta Adogu, Director of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, is now the Permanent Secretary, representing the Federal Ministry of Labor and Employment and replacing Dr. Ifeoma Anyawutaku.

Alahaji Najeem Yasin – Vice President, Representative of the Nigerian Workers’ Congress (NLC), to replace the late Haleel Ibrahim, who died in October 2020

The President also confirmed that the wrong companies and those who refuse to return the illegal money paid to them will be sent to Graft Anti-Agents (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission – EFCC and Independent Corruption Practice Commission – ICPC). Minister of Labor and Employment for additional necessary measures.

“Through the board, the Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Supervision must take all necessary measures to revitalize and relocate the Organization in accordance with the Act of Strengthening. This includes reorganizing and facilitating the activities of the Organization to achieve the overall goal of building the Organization. ”

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