Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu, Bazar Igboho said the release of the Southern Governors

National Coordinator Olagegun Bamgbose, CAGG, Good Governance Deputies, President Muhammadu Buhari’s self-determination campaign to release Nnamdi Kanu and Bazar Igboho to the Southern Governors, he said.

Nnamdi Kanu, who was re-elected in Kenya a few weeks ago and reunited in Nigeria, is under the control of the DSS State Department, was arrested on Sunday night in the neighboring Republic of Benin and is currently in custody in Cotonou.

Kanu Biafra is the leader of the Indigenous People, IPOB, and Bazar Igboho is a leading representative of the Republic of Oduduwa.

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Noting that the nation has undoubtedly gone through a very critical moment in its political history and that the future looks unpredictable, Bamgbose warned stakeholders to be extremely careful not to split, as Nigeria’s unity has not been so weak.

“The truth remains that campaigning is inevitable and legitimate everywhere in the world where there is injustice, injustice and inequality. You can’t push someone else and say where you will fall, “he said.

“We cannot claim to be a nation when there is obvious discrimination in terms of clan or tribe. Confusion is a natural reflection of what is happening in society.

“The Igbo have always complained that they are far from the scheme of things, and the Yoruba are saddened by the abduction of Fulani shepherds, the rape of their wives, the destruction of their farms, the killing of millions of naira.

“President Buhari cannot claim to be the father of the nation when he sees some as sacred cows and others as sacrificial lambs.

“Pushing the mixers may not have a positive effect in the long run. Issues must be resolved. Although I have never supported any armed struggle, I expect President Buhari to resolve the issues raised by the agitators in advance.

“The arrest of propagandists will not end the agitation, but will increase it,” he said. However, I will wait for the South Governors to step up and ensure the release of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo as soon as possible.

“This issue can be resolved in 8 weeks. President Buhari must be equally ready to send them to the Southern Governors. Our nation needs healing, not poverty.

“The Buhari government will be in a worse situation, and if it decides to do something wrong, it will be blacklisted by the international community,” he said.

“President Buhari must establish a dialogue with the governors of the South and let the two mix. I believe that this will prove to all Nigerians and the international community that he is a leader to truly reckon.

“They also have to look at their complaints and address them rudely. It would not be a bad idea if President Buhari met with the governors of Kanu, Igboho and the South at President Villa to resolve the issue once and for all. I wish our President the best. ”

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