DESTRUCTION: Militants destroyed another police station in Imoda Nation

By Chris Njoku, Owerri

The gunmen stormed the Amandugba Police Station in the Isu Local Government Area of ​​Imo Province.

This was the Fourth Division Police Department, which was disbanded in less than a week in Imo State.

Nation It was learned that the attackers threw the substances that caused the fire at the police station.

Development has escalated tensions in the province as the Biafra Indigenous Peoples (IPOB) on Monday issued an order to stay at home.

A villager, who did not want to be named, said: “The Isu Division Police Department is on fire now. The fire engulfed the plant. The attackers threw explosives and immediately ignited. ”

Imo Police spokesman Bala Elkana said he would return when contacted, but did not do so as he did when he submitted the report.

Details …

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