Do not travel to the South East except when absolutely necessary – ACF recommends northerners

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) advised northerners not to travel to the Southeast due to insecurity in the region.

A statement signed by National Board President Audu Ogbe warned the group’s northerners to cancel any visits to the Southeast if not needed.

The group, however, said that if there is a reason for them to travel, travelers should take all necessary measures, including contacting security agencies at the place / places they will visit.

Former Nigerian President Goodluck has condemned the killing of Jonathan’s former aide Ahmed Gulak, who was arrested and killed on his way to Sam Mbakwe Airport in Imo State.

A former presidential aide and Adamawa politician who served as chairman of the All Progressive Congress Committee, which held the 2019 Imoda gubernatorial primary election, was ambushed by six militants.

The ACF has linked Gulak’s death to an uprising in the southeast that was allegedly caused by the Eastern Security Network (ESN), the security garb of the Biafra Indigenous People (IPOB).

The ACF said in a statement that it was “delayed” by its growing concern about the killings and / or attacks / attacks on residents of the North and the South, particularly the South East.

At one point in February this year, things got so bad that the northern traders, who normally supply the food needs of the South, Nigerian Amalgamated Union Food and Cattle Distributors (AUFCDN), went on strike. The ACF was among those who pressured and eventually persuaded AUFCDN to end the strike. ACF did it in the spirit of a NIGERIA.

Yesterday, Sunday, May 30, 2021, one of the leaders in the North was brutally killed on the streets of Owerri in Imo State, most likely by IPOB and Eastern Security Network (ESN) militants. murders and other forms of savagery, to realize the Biafra lands where they dreamed.

“The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) thus strongly recommends all northerners who want to travel to the South East to measure the importance and necessity of such trips. Such trips should not be made unless absolutely necessary and as attractive as life and death.

“Wherever the visit is to take place, the traveler must take all necessary security measures in his actions, including liaising with the security services at the place / places to be visited.

“Against the background of the history of events such as the assassination of northern leaders in 1966, which claimed the lives of thousands of people and caused unexplained suffering to millions, there is a need to make this travel recommendation. innocent people. Being aware in advance means being aware in advance, and sewing in time saves nine!

“The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) is also calling on security forces to do everything possible to apprehend those who killed God. (Barr) Bring Ahmed Gulag to trial with cold blood and justice.

“The lives of the Northerners, and indeed all Nigerians, are important, and the ACF cannot remain silent when our people, and indeed all Nigerians, are killed in cold blood by misguided and savage people.

“Unfortunately, in the midst of all this serious national crisis, the whole story from the Southeast seems to have been taken out of the IPOB and the leaders identified by unknown gunmen. This is worrying. ”

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