Emir Taraba Armed Fulani Shepherds War, 30-Day Ultimatum to Strike Forests

The Emir of the Muri Empire, Abbas Tafida, issued an ultimatum to armed shepherds to leave the forests of Taraba province for 30 days, or else the consequences would be disastrous.

Tafida warned of the terror perpetrated by armed shepherds who allegedly killed, abducted and raped residents during the Eid al-Adha sermon.

He said the people welcomed Fulani warmly, but did not expect the shepherds to pay them back.

He warned that if someone was later abducted from the emirate, the armed youth would besiege the forest and kill any Fulani man, regardless of the occupation.

The emir warned that anyone involved in the abductions or preventing them from being prosecuted, including police officers, would be severely punished.

He said, “After that, if someone is abducted from this emirate, we will kill any Fulani man we see in the cola and we will not ask his name and what he is doing, because the Fulani people cannot say they do not know.” It is better for the abductors to stop them.

“Our youth is inactive. Police suddenly arrested the head of the district in connection with the kidnappings and gave him bail, he dared to return to his area, and the young people did nothing.

“From now on, anyone who is caught with kidnappers will kill him and his family members. The police must be warned! We respect them, but if we later catch someone involved in the kidnapping and release that person, we will also arm the youth to protect the citizens.

“Our Fulani shepherds in the forests, you have come to this situation and we have accepted you, why do you go to the cities and villages to kidnap our inhabitants, even to the point of raping our women? If you are not a Muslim, let us know.

“Because of this endless threat, every Fulani shepherd in the province has been given a 30-day ultimatum to clear the forest. We are tired of spending sleepless nights, and the loneliness on earth is so great that we will not allow this oppression to continue. ”

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