Falana, Falz and others are protesting the insecurity and poverty in Lagos

Human rights activist Mr Femi Falana (SAN) and Musician’s son Folarin, aka Falz, along with a large number of Lagos residents, took to the streets on Monday to protest the country’s insecurity and poverty.

Demonstrators, under the auspices of the People’s Alternative Political Movement, marched from the busy Ikeja Bus Station to the Governor’s Office through the Secretariat to the Lagos State House of Commerce, singing protest songs.

The movement is a coalition of hundreds of groups called the Nigerian Workers ’Congress and its members, COVID 19 and Beyond’s Surviving Alliance; Joint Action Front; Coalition of Northern Groups; Green Union Nigeria; CONGOS – Edo; Northeast Development Association and related institutions.

The demonstration, labeled ‘Enough, Enough’, lasted several hours as young people carried placards reading ‘No to exploitation and multiple taxes’, ‘Provide employment or unemployment benefits to young people’, and ‘Provide security in schools’. ‘Stop Kidnapping and Robbery’ and ‘Stop Killings, Secure Nigeria’.

Protesters, including trade unions, civil society, students, farmers and villagers, were led by Jaye Gaskia, a leading activist.

Gaskiya said the protest was organized to express dissatisfaction with how badly the country was deteriorating.

He said he was concerned that Nigeria, characterized by extreme poverty, arms proliferation, religious intolerance, hatred and growing ethnic nationalism, was heading for social unrest due to the greed of a classless political class that had reached the level of exploitation, greed and ignorance. .

A statement issued seven key demands, including the immediate convening of the Nigerian Police Council to discuss security issues and end the arbitrary dismissal of workers.

In addition, “We reject plans to further increase energy costs – fuel and electricity tariffs; because these costs are not only unbearable, but also because these price increases are the main cause of rising and unbearable living costs, expressed in rising inflation. ”

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