Gulak: Nigeria is gradually moving towards Anarchy, say South Senators

By Victor Ogunje

The Southern Senators Forum described the death of Ahmed Gulak, the former president’s political adviser, as a national catastrophe and a sign that the country’s insecurity was affecting every part of the nation.

The senators instructed the police and the Nigerian Army to shamelessly hunt down killers and other perpetrators of other heinous crimes in every part of the country, shaking the country’s unity.

The chairman of the forum and the senator representing the Ekiti Central Senate, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, said in a message of condolences on Monday.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) federal lawmaker expressed regret over the brutal assassination of a former presidential aide, described as a detailed and consumer politician with a national position and acceptance.

Bamidele said it was time to step up security architecture efforts and keep the country from falling into a state of terrible anarchy with a horrific encounter in which people were killed by unknown gunmen.

“We accept the sudden destruction of our brother and friend Ahmed Gulak by unknown gunmen with Schick and heavy hearts. This is more of a national scourge, knowing the detrabilist nature of the deceased, who believes in building bridges between ethnic lines through interaction and unification.

“We condemn the situation in which Nigerians are no longer safe in almost every part of our country,” he said. For any government to exist, the nucleus is to ensure the safety of the lives and property of its citizens, and the current government of President Mohammed Buhari must be alive for this proposal.

“As stated in the regulations, every Nigerian who trades legally anywhere in the country must do so with security guarantees, and Nigeria must not fail in this regard.

“We believe that the perpetrators of this heinous crime, which has once again put Nigeria in a catastrophic situation, must be put on nails and put behind bars to face the consequences of their tragic actions.

“The 51 senators from the southern part of the country offered their deepest condolences to Ahmed Gulak’s friends, family, relatives, the people and government of Adamawa State and all Nigerians over the death of this prominent politician.

“Although the situation surrounding his death is tragic and painful, it must be done in accordance with the scriptures that God has given and received.

“May his soul rest in the bosom of God,” he said.

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