Gulak’s assassination, Igbo’s plan to repeat the events of 1966, the Northern Group says

The Gulak assassination, a plan by Iqbo to repeat the events of 1966, said the Northern Group

Developed by Ibrahim Hassan

The Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG, Imo, Ebonyi, Aba, Ibadan, Enugu, police units in Anambra and, more recently, coordinated attacks on police stations in Kwara, and the cold-blooded murder of Ahmed Gulak, a well-known northerner, on Sunday, he said. the leader was part of a broader plan by Iqbo to repeat the ugly events of 1966.

The coalition said this was the main reason why they did not expect to live with Iqbo as a nation.

CNG, in a statement signed by Spokesman Abdul-Aziz Suleiman, blamed the Senate’s Constitutional Review Committee for regional meetings, saying “it is equally sensitive that the entire northern region of the Senate should come up with such dubious exercises at once.” it has been abandoned, as it were, at the mercy of a revolt and any security issue set up to permanently weaken the region politically and impoverish it economically. ‘

Reiterating the rejection of the newly concluded public hearing on the Senate’s constitutional review, CNG said it came at the wrong time and for the wrong reason, claiming it was the only claim, another exercise in vain to divert attention. as in all previous attempts, large public funds have been allocated for this purpose.

“We are fully aware of the futility of touching the foundations of our national existence with a tool created by a number of representatives at CNG who have the worst production capacity in the history of our nation. confidence in achieving reliable national goals. ”

“Already since 1999, reporting collections claiming different recommendations and results on many sensitive issues than previous such wasteful exercises are now gathering dust in federal government offices and the legislature.”

CNG said it was time to distract attention with the resurgence of the Igbo secession agenda, which has been taking decisive action for decades today to deliberately divert attention from the more current threat to national unity.

“We find it very unreasonable for leaders to think of any constitutional review that would involve an unwilling Igbo population that attacks people in other regions, kills security personnel, destroys the nation’s social and security assets, and strongly encourages secession.”

“Reasonably, those who call themselves the protectors of our laws should pay attention to a process to separate the nervous Igbo separatists from the rest of the country before thinking about the future Constitution,” he said.

CNG said there was no doubt that “the fierce racism of the IPOB, ESN and other armed Igbo gangs is funded, fully supported and encouraged by every component of the Igbo community at home and in the diaspora.”

“CNG considers it an insult to our collective sensitivity and our common etiquette to expect other parts of the country, especially the North, to continue to live together as a federation with Igbo as a country.”

Vanguard News Nigeria

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